Monday, May 09, 2016

Devil in Pinstripes - Ravi Subramanian (Book)

22/100 of #100bookpact

Devil in Pinstripes

A very close friend shared a couple of books with me a while ago and I just cudnt keep a book in my book rack Unread :) - hence picked it up this weekend and found it to be a breeze. Pace is nice, background is of a MNC Bank and its sister concern - what happens is exactly what we all do in our corporate lives. Dog eat Dog world with that background and our protagonists married life going for a toss is all it talks about. After reading Chetan Bhagat (I mean if you can read him and like) its very easy to read any other Indian writer as they all (almost all) are writing books on which they presume a movie will be made shortly, hence it feels like you are already watching an unmade movie. You simply cant call this a Literature but yes you can live with it on a train journey and dump the book by the time its over. Would not recommend it very highly but it aint that bad either. Yes, it does gives a glimpse of how the banking industry works in our part of the world but somewhere it gives you that been there done that feel. 

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