Monday, May 16, 2016

Great Expectations - Charles Dickens (Book)

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Great Expectations

After reading "A Tale of Two Cities" I wasn't so impressed by his writing rather found it boring - this one was referred by friends and picked it up instantly after reading not so great literature from their Indian counterparts - and VOILA, What an amazing story this one turns out to be. The story as conveyed by its hero "Pip" right from the childhood - I loved his imagination and the way its told, Superb! Although I did watch a Hindi movie in between based on the same book which too left me quite impressed with the story and its handling. His growing up, journey to London and the city as it was 100s of years or more ago - supremely explained. What I like most about these classics is the way they are written - simply as two people will talk in not so correct grammar specially the way some words are spoken / spelt may be incorrect but they make perfect sense and more then that they do put a smile on readers face again and again. I seriously now know why they have such a huge fan following that I am too inclined to pick up Shakespeare after this - I need to relive his writings so much more now.

Half the way - I was (and still am) so much in love with the character of Pip and Estella that I was afraid to end it. This is one of those very few books that I wished would never end - it is indeed so beautifully written (read narrated) that its hard to let go, dunno how and what happens in the end so far. 

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