Saturday, May 21, 2016

Thus Spoke Zarathustra - Friedrich Nietzsche (Book)

24/100 of #100bookpact

Thus Spoke Zarathustra

After reading Fiction, Romance, Biography, Nonsence and what Not - I thought - Why not philosophy and got couple of good ones including this one. Its a kind of an eye opener written in not so reader friendly manner but in quotable qutoes style. Still, those wonderful lines as told by Zarathustra (Via Friedrich Nietzsche) are too good - totally amazing stuff and it makes so much sense even when it isnt translated so well and written close to 100+ years ago. Zarathustra's journey to an unknown land with a few of his followers - his tete a tete with them, his life in a cave up above the mountains with his animals (Favorites being a Serpent and an Eagle). It is full of such simple theories and his proverbs that I had read almost all of them somewhere or the other and there is no way that I couldnt agree with them - but the big question that remained was - Do we follow them? More then that - its format kept me taking back in time almost a 1000 years BC and imagine how it would be for the man to sit with the kings, followers, animals in a cave with harmony and teach them such deep lessons which didnt make sense to them and they all argued / laughed / countered him. This is going to be one of those few books that I would love to re read once at least a couple of years as it has so much to learn from. 

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