Friday, May 06, 2016

The Idiot - Fyodor Dostoyevsky (Book)

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The Idiot

Just finished one of my first Russian novels that I read in a decade or may be longer and am I impressed? WOW!! I have no words to explain - I guess this is exactly what I loved about Russian Literature back then when I was in school that everytime they have that Russian book fair - I and my mom will pick up loads of books at throw away prices and gorge on them throughout the year. I specially love their sincere simplicity the way they tell a story which will prbably be stretched in great details (913 pages to be precise) but still it will keep the reader hooked to it. Although this one is definitely the first one that I read of Dostoyevsky and I am touched the way he connects with his readers - you would know what I am talking here if you have read this or any of his works. He actually stops and explains the whole situation as if convincing the reader that there is no other better way to handle his own story. It actually kept me thinking as if hew knew his readers in advance - this is a sort of a first I ever felt reading any of anyone's books. I am gonna get a couple of more of his works to see if he did that all the time. And what can I say about those lovely characters - totally love the russian names i.e. the Hero Lef Nicolaivietch or his love interest Nastasia Philippovna - you see those are some interesting names, and how they criss cross each others lives is an amazing read.

If you havent read this - you've got to read it without fail. Totally loved it. 

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