Thursday, May 26, 2016

Me Before You - Jojo Moyes (Book)

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Me Before You

Read its review and was told that the movie based on it is releasing on June first week - So I had to pick it up as I love anything which has got anything to do with "Romance". And ofcourse I would love to compare as well as see those characters (read awesome) come alive on big screen. Although the book has that "been there done that" feel to it as already too many movies (at least 3) I have already seen on the same subject from different part of the world - this one is no different. I would say not bad at all but no different either. I loved the protagonist as he is totally like me - there is this one time he offers Lou to read a book and she says "its not something I would like reading" and he replies "Challenge yourself" - that is something I have done so many times (with myself) and I indeed got the book he offers her as my next - LOL. Story of a quadriplegic and his daily companion n caregiver. I will always (always) call it a good book (if not great) if it gives me a couple of smiles, a lump in the throat and makes my eyes go wet at times all at the same time then it becomes very good. This is again one of those few books or story where you the reader want to change it course but are helpless with the turns it makes - makes up for an awesome read specially when you want something to happen and it happens all the way opposite. I have (read had) high hopes with this one as I already read somewhere that it has a sequel too hence a positive ending predicted.

If you are a hardcore romantic (which I know I am) - its a tuff read as you want to swim against the tide and unfortunately have no control over the narrative but what a perfect ending - totally loved it. Want to pick up the sequel now but will only read it after the movie releases as I want to see those awesome characters alive once before going ahead with the story.

Do not miss this.
Do read.
You will love it.

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