Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Heroine (2012) - Drama

After watching “Heroine”, I can definitely say that Madhur Bhandarkar has lost it big time and is right now walking on the footsteps of Ram Gopal Varma. After winning four national awards for some of his great movies – this is what he ends up making on a subject which he should know like back of his hands. Right from the moment “Go” this one is full of clichés, so many and so much that it looks pointless to even point out now. What we were expecting and how it turns out to be is way too different – in the final product the only reason why one should watch this is “Kareena” only. No ways, he has shown us anything that we do not know already. It does makes you smile and laugh at times on the references. My full sympathies to one of my favorite actor Randeep Hooda again as even this one doesn’t works for him and makes him shine, the last one was a laughable “Jism 2”. None of the characters other than Mahi (Kareena) had any scope of development – they just keep coming, playing their part and get lost in the movie somewhere. I guess Madhur tried too hard with this one hence the outcome – he should stick to the reality formula that worked in the past for him and get away with that “Commercial” stuff. It looks too fake, forced and been there done that stuff. Give it a miss if you haven’t seen it – rather download its songs and watch them – they are way too better than the whole movie and that’s where you see the hottie Kareena rest of the movie is just a passé. 

Hottie Kareena Kapoor
The Movie: As it was supposed to be – it is based on the life of an Indian Actress (Fictional) Mahi Arora played by one of the best Actresses of her own times Kareena Kapoor – she is one hottie that we have. Suffering from a bipolar disorder and changing times, how she copes with sudden success followed by someone else replacing her in the industry gradually and by being thrown out of movies. Getting in and out of the lives of her co-stars and cricketers who she cannot marry cause of her flourishing career and what not she does to achieve stardom is the movie all about. Unfortunately the handling and what is being show to us is so mediocre and been there done that feel that it hardly shocks you. As Madhur Bhandarkar is famous for shocking the audience with on your face truth – that typical Madhur touch is seriously missing in this one and it looks out and out a movie made to make money and nothing else. Which indeed it has made in the first week itself and the producer’s investments have fetched good returns already. I felt cheated specially cause it has no entertainment value whatsoever – the only good thing about it is gorgeous Kareena Kapoor and some scenes which does bring smile to your face. That’s about it.

Different Avatars Kareena Kapoor
A Guy, who has given us wonderful movies like “Chandni Bar”, “Satta”, “Page 3” and “Traffic Signal” – for whom he got National Award as Best Director followed by couple of damn good ones like “Fashion” and even his last outing a good comedy “Dil to bachcha hai ji” was a great time pass. I felt there is something wrong with him, he seriously ran out of thoughts and idea to put this one up. The less I should talk about the glaring mistakes is better like throughout the movie’s timeline you see Kareena using a iPhone, I wonder she never changes her phone throughout the years she is shown on screen. There are so many mistakes and goof ups – the ones that you least expect in a Madhur movie at least. So many celebrity references and incidents picked up and beaten to death in the movie. Medial and PR agencies doing whatever it takes to bring them to news and make them famous.  The typical party goof ups with girl friend meeting celeb wives and misbehaving. Going down to their knees to land a perfect role which can make or break their career. Actress hooking up with upcoming cricketer. Doing art movies to call themselves Actors and what not. So many things feel so tacky, like the award ceremony and the trophy that they made – feels so sad – I mean that’s the best they could do for their movie? C’mon – it says they made this movie with 30 Crore – where did all that money go? Unfortunately it never works for the audience as there is nothing new in all that and we have already seen it so many times earlier. This would go down in the history of bollywood as the worst movie of Madhur Bhandarkar – it may work out well on the box office commercially but will never be called as one which did justice to the subject it picked up.

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