Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Premium Rush (2012) - Thriller

After a long time we get to see a damn good intelligent thriller on bicycles, the last it reminded me of was made in 1986 (Rad) that too on BMX bikes and it was a grand success – at least for us on VHS at that time. We loved it so much and saw it so many times back to back, even this one – undoubtedly turns out to be an edge of the seat thriller right from the very start and mind it – it does deserves your attention and intelligence. The movies fiery pace never lets you take rest and there are so many and I actually mean so many moments that you just go “WOW”, “Holy Shit”, “Oh My God”, one amazing watch – not to be missed at any cost by thriller lovers especially those who love movies with fantastic bike chases – this should be called one of the best of the recent times. Joseph Gordon Levitt proves yet again that he is one hell of an actor and Michael Shannon as the bad ass cop makes you hate him some more. A delivery boy with an important packet being chased by a cop, what’s in the packet and why he is being chased that badly is the movie all about? I seriously couldn’t watch sitting straight on my chair as it had so many shocking moments – do not miss it guys, I am actually waiting for its big screen release in our part of the world – I am sure it will be a fantastic watch.  

Joseph Gordon Levitt
About the Director: He is the same guy who earlier made a fantastic movie called “The Trigger Effect” and even “Secret Window”. Both of them were damn good thrillers which I saw so many times on Star Movies. He wrote so many other damn good movies like Mission Impossible, Spider Man, Panic Room etc. This is his 5th movie as a Director and I am sure this one is good enough to establish him as a good Director now.

Dania Ramirez
The Movie: The super fast paced thriller is based on a couple of hours in the life of a Bicycle messenger Wilee (Joseph Gordon Levitt) as he delivers a package from one place to another in busy New York City traffic on his bike with no gears and no brake. His fundaa is pretty clear that brakes will kill someone someday hence he uses an age old bike with none of them and is super fast in the whole gang of biker messengers. They claim New York has 1500 of guys like him doing this job everyday. Its simply superb to watch him do his job day in day out, one hell of a biker he is that you understand right after he delivers the first package of the day in super fast speed with his mind working in all the permutation and combinations to use the safest and yet the fastest path to do his job. One fine afternoon he picks up an urgent envelop from an office which has to be delivered by 7 PM at a specified address. The problem starts when he is being chased by a cop who wants that envelop back as he has a doubt that it holds a ticket to some illegal money transfer. The movie is running backwards with the final scene shown to us in advance and it keeps going back by half an hour to 45 minutes. Audience need to be attentive to keep in mind what they saw and what happened earlier, that was so damn good to see in reality. The background of the cop too is shown that he loses some money in gambling and needs this ticket to pay off his debts.

Michael Shannon the Cop
Wilee has no idea of the content of the envelop and his job is to just get it delivered at any cost. How he does that after being chased by this cop is the rest of the story. How he delivers the package with the help of his girl friend and friends is just amazing. They are being chased by a cop (Michael Shannon) who wants that packet at any cost and by another cop on bicycle himself chasing Wilee big time right from the very start of the movie. The USP of the movie is the fantastic sequences shot in bicycles in the busy streets of New York. I have never seen something like that earlier – we all have seen car and bike chases but none on bicycles so far. The sub plots too are developed in a great pace and quite convincing but the cake is taken by Joseph Gordon and Michael Shannon – how it all ends is a damn good watch. It isn’t that easy as it looks like as Wilee has a competitor in house too who takes the package later in confusion and goes to deliver it right to the bad ass cop. He gets out of one situation only to enter into another troublesome one shortly. Its hilarious to see one problem popping up right after another and that too all hell breaks lose just in 91 minutes of running time. We had to follow the timeline closely as what happened when to keep a track of time and activity going on a fiery pace. I and my wife argued on couple of scenes and we had to rewind the whole movie to see it right from the very start – this time we kept taking in stock all the scenes and activities going on. It was actually fun to watch. Go ahead – check it out – do not miss it at any cost. If you have already seen it – let me know how you like it.

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