Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Kramer VS Kramer (1979) - Drama

What a perfect timing to watch this one as my wife was gone home for two weeks on a family emergency and I was serving as a single parent to our six year old school going daughter – I came across this gem of a movie based on marriage. Dustin Hoffman as a workaholic husband and father is simply too good and damn convincing – he is one which keeps impressing me with all his movies – I really wonder if he has done any blunders in so many years of his career? I haven't seen one bad movie of him yet. The less I talk about Meryl Streep the better, with maximum Academy Nominations and Victories – no one can ever come any closer to her – even in this one she doesn’t have half as footage as Dustin, still not only she was nominated – she ended up winning it too. Hats off to her – totally. It’s a must watch for all in today’s time as its more relevant today then it was at the time of its release – I firmly believe. It reminded so much of my own father to me because we spent good 5 years alone in each others company – although I was in my teenage then and not as young as Dustin’s son but had a great learning time with him and I still cherish those years big time. The very first scene when you see him make a French Toast for his son and how it turns out is one hilarious scene and the same scene you see again done professionally at the very end of the movie but this time you smile with again tears in your eyes as that happens to be the last French Toast made by him for his son. One thing I love about Hollywood or shall I say other than Indian movies is that they are too close to reality – unlike us where we have 90% movies ending on a happy note. Watch it – if you haven’t seen it yet. One hell of a movie – not to be missed by anyone.

Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep
The Movie: Is about a workaholic Ted (Dustin Hoffman) who is an advertising executive working with a firm and is on the verge of being made a partner in the same if everything goes well with one of the deals he is about to strike. As he goes back home one fine day with the great news – realizes his wife is about to leave him for good. He couldn’t believe his eyes and takes away her suitcase – still she goes off, he believes she is going to come back soon but didn’t realize that she is gone for good. What happens next is totally out of this world experience – as he was married for good 8 years and has never taken care of his young school going son still with no clue – his life goes forward and somehow he manages his office and his kid’s school, games, house and other stuff. Their relationship although starts on a bad note but gradually he picks up and they develop quite a good bond as father and son. Right when you think everything is going good – he looses his job as he isn’t able to concentrate and perform on his job cause of household pressure. One after another bad things keep happening as his son falls off a climbing frame in the park and gets hurt badly right below his eye. The following scene of him getting stitched and Ted in pain is something outstanding, one hell of a scene that I will never forget in my life and as a parent myself – I could actually feel his pain that too alone with no one to fall back on. And right when we think everything is falling in place – his wife returns but this time to fight a custody battle for her child who she loves big time but had to leave due to the situation. What pursues is a courtroom drama where we see both their characters being assassinated by their opposition lawyers.

Father and Son
It’s heartening to see him lose his wife first because of his job and then lose his job because he couldn’t manage his time well being a single parent and by the time he gets into another job – he is on the verge of losing his son now. Unbelievable job done by Dustin as father and Meryl as mother. The scenes with them on court are so life like that it’s hard to believe a movie is going on in front of you. I kept imagining the end but could never hit it the way Director handled it. Fantastic is the way they had captured the emotions of its cast, be it father, mother, or the concerned neighbor, even the lawyers were too good. I will definitely watch it again especially for its lead cast they both are too good. Couple of scenes deserving a mention are the French toast scene, kids accident, his interview for a less paying job, the whole courtroom drama, neighbor in witness and the final scene.

PS: Both Dustin and Meryl got Academy Award for their roles as Kramers as movie ended winning Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress, and Best Adapted Screenplay. 


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