Friday, September 21, 2012

Mr. Brooks (2007) - Thriller

I guess it never released in our part of the world otherwise I am sure, I wouldn’t have missed it with a cast like that with Kevin Costner playing the “Man of the year” serial killer pursued by evergreen Demi Moore. William Hurt plays a ghost who is always with him – it’s fantastic to see them discuss everything, Hurt advising Kevin every now and then is totally fantastic – movies high point is their discussions with fantastic thrilling cat and mouse game between killer and cops. Every one has their own background and story too to tell. Demi Moore (Daughter of a millionaire) working as a detective and has a personal score to settle with her husband fighting a divorce case while Mr Kevin is on a killing spree with a new intern. His own daughter he suspects has murdered someone too. It has so much going on all the time that you are totally hooked to it. Fortunately I got a Blue Ray print and I wish I could freeze some stunning shots and show them to you – its one of those movies that should not be missed by thriller lovers. Why is Mr. Man of the year on a killing spree? The way he does all the murders is simply outstanding. Would he ever get caught? What happens to the daughter and his intern? Who’s William Hurt? You’ve got to watch it to know all the answers. Trust me guys – its one hell of a watch – do not miss it.

Demi Moore
Isn't She Stunning?
What I liked about the movie is its fantastic handling and building suspense, where you actually want to know – why are those crimes being committed and by the time you know the reason it’s too late. You actually try to predict how it all is going to end but guess what – I can guarantee you that your prediction is never going to come true. Mine did not; rather I was shocked with the ending. What’s commendable about its cast is the way they carry it on their shoulders. Kevin Costner is simply superb and he looked even better in a blue ray print. Demi Moore I guess is getting better with age – the last movie I saw of her too was an action movie and this one beats that one hands down. She is simply stunning and even better in a detective’s character – suits her well. You will love her action shots for sure. I have always been a fan of William Hurt’s style of subtle acting – here too he is exceptional and the kind of chemistry he shares with Kevin is awesome. I kept imagining he should be Kevin’s dad in the movie – coming back as a ghost to help him carry out those murders. It’s almost two hours long but has the quality that makes you keep wanting for more. Even when it ended I waited through the end credits thinking something may come up by time the last name rolls out.

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