Saturday, September 29, 2012

What to expect, when you're expecting (2012) - Drama

It may not be the best on the subject but it certainly was a heart warming experience for us. Worked big time like a time machine and sent us back by 7 years when we were expecting our daughter. We smiled, laughed, agreed, disagreed and enjoyed those moments lived on screen with a couple of our own favorite actors. I wasn't looking forward to this one after reading quite a few negative reviews but still couldn't resist the movie with Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz, Brooklyn Decker (Battleship), Chris Rock and Dennis Quaid. Also, it is full of cameos from a lot of other lesser known celebrities from TV and stuff. As a parent of a 6 year old kid – it was all been there done that stuff for us but can be a great learning experience and eye opener for would be parents. A funny take on how life changes but for good once you become a parent or on the verge of becoming one. It was a great time pass and a fundoo one time watch for sure. 

Jennifer Lopez
The Movie: As the name suggests – story revolves around the lives of 5 couple expecting their first babies. They are all related to each in one way or the other and its hilarious to see the situations change so fast and how it all ends – its quite comically timed. Our favorite will always be the story of Jennifer Lopez as Holly the photographer with a husband in music business and her emotional story, since she couldn't conceive in normal circumstances. They have no option but to adopt a kid and even to do that – they have to prepare themselves for the baby's arrival with new house etc. The second best was obviously Cameron Diaz as a celebrity dance show contestant and a host of a fitness weight loss show with her husband. I guess Cameron is a good dance and she always looks forward to a dance item in all her movies – here too it starts with a small dance number from her and its hilarious to see how it ends. The third great one was Elizabeth Banks who was Wendy Cooper wife of Gary played by Ben Falcone. As they break their story of expecting a baby to his father – they get shocking news that even his father played by my favorite Dennis Quaid and his wife hottie Brooklyn Decker too were expecting their first kid. The father and son relationship is too good and their scenes are one of the high points of the movie. Super Rich dad with a mansion and a golf course of his own, simply superb, Dennis Quaid at his hilarious best.

Brooklyn Decker
The Mothers
The Gang of Guys: Walking in the part with their babies in the strollers is too good. I mean it's amazing to see how life changes for a couple after marriage first and then after they become parents. How every one adjusts into their new roles without panicking and you see every new guy who is yet to be a parent having those panic attacks. It reminded us of our own memories not so long ago when one fine Sunday morning my wife broke the news that she was pregnant. I can never forget the way I reacted “What??? Are you serious? How could that be? I mean, are you sure???” It was great news yet we weren’t expecting it that sooner and we are way too glad today to have a baby like the one that we have, it’s a blessed feeling to have a kid at the end of the day. All the couples have their own ups and downs too like the way Jennifer loses her contract because of cost cutting and goes job less. Cameron Diaz’s husband couldn’t continue his dance show anymore because she is alone at home and he needs to be there with her, the way he sacrifices his positions by faking a fall on the dance floor, is totally awesome. There is another story of a young couple, the girl becomes pregnant right after a one night stand with a guy and they part ways because of confusion, although she loses the baby too, yet she loves the guy and looks forward to be with him, how their story moves and ends is heart warming. We found the movie pretty good than an average fare, it was hilarious in parts but all in all a nice one time watch for sure.

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