Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Expendables 2 (2012) - Action

The Team
Would you still ask for more when you get to see Stallone, Statham, Bruce Willis, Arnold, Chuck Norris, Jet Li and JCVD – all in one movie with kick ass action? Still, I am missing a couple of more damn good names intentionally as these were more than enough reason for me to watch this fundoo movie at least a couple of times. I have lost count how many times I have seen the first part and I guess that’s why – this one was awaited even more eagerly – yet some how I missed it on big screen – how sad that it. It will take me at least an hour to explain what I loved about this movie J seriously. Right from the word “Go” its an out an out action movie – yeah yeah – we have seen all that in so many other movies but that’s ok – I can live with that – that too happily. Seeing Arnold and Stallone in one frame that too with guns in their hands is a sight to behold. First 15 minutes of ground breaking action is totally awesome. I specifically love the Boom Boom gun Ceaser (Terry Crews) uses – the sound it makes is fantastic and you’ve got to see the impact it makes too. Its totally a damn good time pass stuff with so much happening and every now and then you have some one or the other popping up to make you smile and impress you. Missing this kind of a movie is a crime and watching it again and again is total fun. I will recommend it to every one with two thumbs up; do not miss it at any cost.

"Terminator", "Rambo" and "Die Hard" All in One.
The Movie: Unfortunately, the second part doesn’t works for me big time as I kept comparing it with the first one which was totally rocking but if I see it as an individual movie and do not compare – it works wonders. Although there is no surprise element here as everything is run of the mill yet you want to see your favorite yesteryear heroes do their part in style and they do it damn good. Age is showing on all their faces and bodies as in the end of the movie there is this line Stallone says “That belongs to a museum” seeing an age old plane in tatters to which Arnold replies “We all do”. Fantastic, isn’t it? Still the initial 15 minutes of action makes you too happy and impresses with what they are doing at this age, all the running around, shooting, killing, hand to hand combat etc. One more highlight of the movie for me was whenever this guy Stallone talks to Statham – its totally fun stuff. Once you are done with the initial action – you get the first surprise in the form of Jean Claude Van Damme and his signature kick the way he kills Billy, reminded me of all his movies from the past.

Chuck Norris after ages
Another surprise – not exactly a surprise but yes, it works is the entry of Chuck Norris – right when they need him badly and don’t even expect – simply the “WOW” moment of the movie and what he does is worth applauds. And then you have that legendry entry of Arnold with “I am Back” which I guess would be most repeated dialogue of its own time for sure. He too comes at a right time and bang on the action continues. You actually don’t care about the story and there isn’t any great one here either but how they do what they do is worth all the money and time. One final scene that too a hand to hand combat between JCVD and Stallone is another high point of the movie and you do notice that he takes his lucky ring off his finger once he is done with him. Even a superhero of his caliber is superstitious at least in the movie. What I love even more was its background score – those rocking songs work wonders too for the magic like they worked big time in the last part. The only problem I had with the movie is – I so much wanted Stallone to Direct it but I guess he is done with that, hence it went to Simon West – he too has give us some of the best action movies we have seen so far from Hollywood. I am sure they are working on the third installment now and if they are not – I will pray they do shortly.

Hottie Yu Nan
Some Scenes: rather some damn good ones other than the ones mentioned above is – there is this one scene in which they are inside an airport terminal and shooting each other down, Bruce Willis gets inside a small car parked in the terminal and gives Arnold a lift to come over and help him kill the goons while on a move, the way Arnold rips open the car door and it flies off is hilarious and they drive it off and shoot so many of them while driving that little car. The local village women shooting our heroes as they arrive and shots going left and right without hitting them is another good one. I had my first doubts on Dolph Lundgren as Jensen even in this part that he is going to betray them and my second doubt was on hottie Yu Nan as Maggie Chan that she may be the one who is going to change sides but none comes as a shock. There is this another scene with Stallone riding his big bad bike and Yu Nan comes over to see him in her spanking new bike and speeds off – is one hell of a scene – for a moment I thought he is going to give her some competition but I guess no bike chases were in the story here. Other than these there are so many short instances between them that make us laugh out loud – all in all it’s a damn good one time watch and multiple watches for that fan in you.

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