Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Fast & Furious 6 (2013) - Action

Fast and Furious is the only movie franchise (I guess) which keeps getting better with every new part and keeps its fans hooked to the upcoming one, this one is no different. I mean the way it starts – you already know where you are heading, its predictable yet its shocking to say the least and some action sequences are freaking so mind blowing that it actually made us gasp – big time – not believing what just happened – laugh on it – cheer them – clap – whistle and look forward to the next shot which in turn keeps getting better and better again till it leads to the grand finale and trust me when I say this – it became the first of the series to actually make my eyes go wet as the last shot almost made me think that we are going to lose Dom and the way it all ends. That’s indeed too good for a movie of this genre to achieve that and then you have that surprise ending which is going to make us all wait about a year or longer for the upcoming terrific part (It has to be super mind blowing with the new addition – you need to see it to believe it). It has all the twists and turns – shocks and awe moments required in the movie of this kind – the story doesn’t make much sense but who anyways is looking for a sense or logic? But the Action sequences are simply mind blowing to say the least – I am definitely going to see it again a couple of times more just for them, cars cars and more kool sounding cars on big screen is totally amazing but sorely no hot babes this time around still it works big time. The two very well shot – hand to hand combat scenes – one between two leading babes and the last between Rock and that hunk are mind-blowing, that was the biggest cheer drawing moment of the movie and almost the full crowd jumped, clapped, hooted, whistled and what not. It has so many laugh out loud moments – those precious one liners and all the histrionics associated with all of them – not too much this time like the last time but too good. I am definitely going to give a fundoo 3/5 and two thumbs up – a must must watch for all action loving people, not to be missed at any cost.

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