Saturday, May 25, 2013

Gippi (2013) - Drama

Another disaster in the name of “Being Yourself” movie from Karan Johar camp, guess he saw too many interesting kid movies in last couple of years and attempted one of his own – the best achievement for this movie is that it takes Cliché word to the new heights. Wonder how much freedom he gives to a Director working in his production is quite visible here – you can actually tell every five minutes that the scene was “Signature Karan Johar” and the poor Director was just helplessly watching it shot. I mean imagine there is a scene where Gippi’s mother Divya Dutta attends her own Husband’s second marriage and is all emotional about it, wtf scene of the year! A teacher telling kids in classroom about Male and Female organs and trust me when I say this – she does uses words like “Penis and Testicles” (Twice) – WOW!! Who says we don’t have awareness classes in India? Hats off to you KJ – I guess that was a joke and all of us were supposed to laugh on it? And you made this shit for teenagers? Awesome. Too much use of 60’s songs in his movies is another thing that I have got bored of big time, OK we know you love them – we do too but this is too much dude – move on! In flat first 10 minutes you can call it an amateur’s attempt at “mean girls” type movies but going nowhere and the cherry on top was when my kiddo actually asked me “Dad, when’s it going to end?” for a moment I thought I was too old to understand it but then realized it made no sense to my 7 year old daughter and to my teenage nephew too. Give it a miss as you have already done ;) you aren’t missing anything.

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