Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Iron Man 3 (2013) - Action

The first problem that I personally have with every Super Hero movie is that someone needs to tell the makers – “you do not need to make one every year”. Relax, get a better script, work on visuals, shock us, thrill us, make us laugh and oh yeah – save the world once again but in style. The speed with which they are churning out movies of the same genre is the reason why they run out of steam and end up making just about an average drama instead of a superb action movie like it happened with “Iron Man 3” – for starters – if you are able to sit thru the boring half hour initially – chances are – you may end up just about liking it – I tried my level best but just couldn’t love it. The only good thing about this one is that it had some story to tell but by the time it ends – it becomes pointless, another new thing is – how Tony Stark dresses up with his Iron Man uniform – makes you happy a couple of times but that’s that! Barring that there is nothing new this movie had to offer, it’s too long and offers too little in the name of entertainment especially when you look forward to a mind blowing action movie thanks to the title and makers – it never works on that level. I would have definitely chopped off good 20 minutes from the initial half hour itself. Now I need to seriously re read the reviews of my own good friends who saw and loved the movie. I will definitely not give it anything better than a 2.5/5 and will call it a great heart break for me. We all love Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr) and Pepper (Gwyneth Paltrow) will always be cute and how can one not love Mandarin (Ben Kingsley) but still they were unable to do that magic on me this time. Two solid action sequences shot in good 3D is all the movie had to offer – rest of the time you just cling on to the glasses with nothing much happening on screen. Go for it only if you follow the franchisee and have enough patience otherwise just wait a little to catch its 2D version on Star Movies shortly. Nothing great, not even a good time pass. As I reached home – even wifey said “See, I told you, when you watch a movie without me, you end up disliking it even when it’s an Iron Man movie”.

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