Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Host (2013) - Science Fiction

If trailers were to be believed – this should have been at least an average Alien invasion thriller cum action but what it turns out to be is a cold drab drama of the worst order. My bad luck that I read just now that it is based on a book by Stephenie “Twilight” Meyer – I guess I would have ignored it otherwise. But trust me it has some positives too ;) for starters – they have turned all humans into aliens just like them but the only difference between them and us is their eyes with two corona rings (Remember BMW Head lights?) looks totally awesome. Plus these aliens love Chrome and a lot of it, so much so that all the cars they drive are Chrome, even the bikes are and trust me the egg in which their spirits come in too is made of Chrome J. As in every other alien movie we see – they all wear crisp white dresses and dunno what they work on those flat screen computers with no CPU – all of them seriously work and trace the last of the humans hiding anywhere (Obviously in US of A). Even the humans are too smart as they are Americans obviously – they know how to survive and hide in huge caves with ample of water, electricity, farm land and oh yeah! How can I forget – they all have now become vegetarian, slowly you see they have some furniture too in caves, trucks and cars as well, an almost fully equipped medical facility as well. I wondered one more thing that when the aliens were so good, cool and lived in swanky apartments, driving superb cars, they cant get hurt plus those awesome corona ring eyes – humans should have given up and turned themselves into aliens – I wud have surely not mind being one of them but that would have defeated Stephenie’s purpose but in the end she does that – oh my god and we all love peacefully with aliens happily ever after. You still wanna see the movie? Its almost two hours long. I will definitely give it a good 1/5 rating, half for those Chrome cars and half for those beautiful rings in their eyes. Give it a big miss.  

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