Saturday, May 25, 2013

Le Mans (1971) - Thriller / Action

If you like or follow car racing especially F1 – this is a must watch as fortunately I saw it today right after I was done watching Qualifying rounds of “Monaco Grand Prix”. I read an article a couple of days back and this movie showed up in “Top Five Car Racing movies of all times” and now I know why. Of its total running time of close to 100 minutes – there are no dialogues – the first official dialogue of the movie comes around the 36th minute and that’s totally amazing. Yet, it’s an engrossing watch so much so that I can challenge you – literally you cannot watch it sitting straight, it has so many “heart in your mouth” moments, full of scenes which will make you shout and you will be using a lot of F words too ;). Superb movie, full of shocking moments, twists and turns, in its entirety its shot with a moving camera sometimes inside the racing cars, behind them, parallel and even a couple of aerial shots too. Made in the year 1971, its totally rocking stuff to see the best of Ferrari’s racing with the best of Porsches, hell of a sound of those cars going around in a circuit for 24 hours endurance race. It still takes place in real time too and have been going around since the early 1920’s near the town of Le Mans, France. The movie gives a great insight in the real time racing and what happens around town in the same time, the way it starts and reaches a climax is simply mind blowing, even after almost 40 years after its making – it was too good. Steve McQueen as the hero is cherry on top, with hardly any dialogues, a lot is said by his expressions and the way he drives and faces the challenging task – what happens in the end is one amazing thing. I will not spoil it for you here – if you like thrillers / action / racing movies – this should be called one of the best – I am yet to see the remaining four from the same article but will definitely get them soon and give them a shot. This I will definitely rate as a good 4/5 on any given day, worth keeping in my collection of movies for future viewings. Go for it – do not miss it any cost.

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