Friday, May 31, 2013

Stand Up Guys (2012) - Crime / Comedy

I totally love it when an Actor plays his own age in a movie and does total justice with the character – exactly the way these three superb actors in one movie did in “Stand Up Guys” Al Pacino is a guy behind the bar for a majority of his life after a heist gone wrong, has only one day to live before his own best friend is supposed to kill him. His best friend happens to be Christopher Walken, another mind blowing performance by him and they have a third friend too who is almost on death bed – Alan Arkin, who happens to be their getaway driver. What they do in the course of one night is the movie all about, their discussions are hilarious, performances are superlative, body language is simply awesome, they are all criminals but you just cant help falling in love with them. And how it all ends – is one mind-blowing watch. It was totally fantastic stuff – a movie with whom you just cant do justice by watching it one time – I bet – whoever have seen this will definitely see it multiple times just to enjoy those heart to heart discussion between Pacino and Walken as well as for those precious 20 minute of footage of Arkin – one hell of a movie. If you see it from the writers perspective – its such an easy and simple writing – where there is no suspsense and secret – you exactly know where and how it is going, still the way they handle those characters and what all they do makes up for a fantastic viewing. I mean everything is so kool, like the way they walkin to a chemist shop which is closed and steal the stuff, its after effects, the way they pick up what they are going to wear on their last day as well as how they screw up baddies and rescue a girl they don’t even know and so many other things. It’s a must must watch for all comedy lovers – especially for those who have loved Pacino, Walken and Alan all these years, I will definitely give it a good 3/5 with two thumbs up. Not to be missed by anyone at any cost.

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