Monday, July 29, 2013

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag (2013) - BioPic

As expected by the trailers, promos, discussions and effort put in by not only Farhan Akhtar but the whole team – it turns out to be an excellent movie and no ways you can be sure of its length – not even for one moment it gives you an opportunity to think of anything but totally keeps you engrossed to the narrative. Hats off to the makers – my faith on Rakesh Mehra for giving us superb meaningful movies, restored back with a bang. Right from the very first scene of the movie with Milkha Singh holding his head high representing India at the Olympics – its breathtaking to say the least. Farhan Akhtar’s hard work is totally visible so much so that – I had to keep on reminding myself that it isn’t a “Farhan Akhtar Production” and he is just acting in a movie, even the use of Electric Guitar in the background is so much FA style. Milkha Singh was and will always remain one of India’s favorite sports figure and I guess anyone born three decades back already knows a lot about him and for the rest of the generations – this movie will do the needful and what a way to tell his heartening story. This became another rare movie made this year which made me go breathless multiple times, teary eyed, wide eyed, happy, cheerful, we laughed even with the stale jokes just for the way they were told, clapped, cheered and lived a life time of one of the legends in a little more than three hours. Every race is shot in such a way that it slides you down to the edge of your seat, you want him to win every time and he actually does that in style too, barring the very first one which sends a shockwave throughout the audience – even when we knew whats going to happen – it is indeed shocking and followed by the story why it happened and how he knocks it off and becomes a winner again. Superb movie – haven’t seen a better Biopic yet – this one will definitely be called one of the best Indian Cinema ever made. Almost everybody does fantastic justice to their respective roles, even the songs are placed in such a way that they take the story forward and don’t work like a hindrance of any sort. Four minutes training shots in Laddakh are totally breathtaking and worth all the money. It is out an out a Farhan Akhtar movie and his hard works are visible in every frame, this guy is definitely going a long distance and he deserves all the accolades, Respect! I will definitely give it a damn good 4/5 and with two thumps up. A must watch for all, not to be missed at any cost – regretted not taking my kiddo for the same – will take her along as we plan to watch it again this weekend. It’s a great learning for all.

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