Thursday, July 25, 2013

Shootout At Wadala (2013) - Action Thriller

One of those rare Sanjay Gupta movies – hard to believe that he indeed made this one. Barring two scenes and shockingly one of them is how John rescues Tushaar Kapoor and the Final Encounter – nothing more to remember from this one - full of item numbers (Worst in order and ever seen in one movie). Unfortunately movie is based on a real incident – the so called first encounter in the history of Indian Police Department – dunno how true that can be. Guess the main fun of watching this movie is with someone born in the 1950s – so they could actually confirm if these things really happened and how much out of the movie is fiction. One thing this movie proves yet again is that John can seriously not act – he has very limited expressions throughout the movie and I will call it - one and a half expressions, half is the confused look, second half is angry and remaining half is super angry. I actually had huge expectations from this one as I indeed read some positive reviews when it released and its unbelievable awful movie to watch. Give it a miss even if it comes on some TV Channel shortly. A definite 1/5 that too for the final encounter and some good one liners by Anil Kapoor.

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