Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Mud (2012) - Drama

Matthew McConaughey is one guy that there is something about him and the way he plays a character is something that I totally love – fortunately he doesn’t disappoint me with this one – even wifey ended up liking the movie with me. This particular character of a situational criminal on a run is something which is a cake walk for him, he looks so comfortable in the role that I was confused if its Mud the character we are watching or is it Matthew McConaughey J - Fantastic movie about two kids who find a boat hanging on a tree in a small island on Mississippi river, they realize someone is living in the boat, turns out to be this guy Mud whose a local and is back to pick his girl friend before escaping finally. How it all goes wrong and then falls in place is the rest of the story. It has so much going on throughout the movie that it kept us glued – unfortunately we had to take a break in between but when we started it back – both of us were totally hooked to it and so keen to what happens next, will he be able to save his girl friend or is she going to ditch him, what happens to the kids? Since they are helping a criminal being chased by bounty hunters and thugs for something he did. How these two kool kids help him is simply amazing and they have their own stories going on as well. I guess Reese Witherspoon as Mud’s girl friend is wasted – any other chick could have done a similar job as my expectations soared seeing her name and unfortunately she didn’t have much to do anyways. Although Michael Shannon in a positive role was something I totally loved after a long time. If you like dramas – chances are – you will love this one and even otherwise it’s a great time pass if nothing else. I will definitely go with a good 3/5 with two thumbs up.

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