Thursday, July 25, 2013

Raanjhanaa (2013) - Romance

One of those movies that we walked in with very high expectations and a made up mind that we are going to love it - come what may. My seven year old kiddo was so much hooked to its promo’s that she didn’t miss even one of them – whatever channel they kept playing it, she even went to the extent of recording one of the promotional videos and kept playing it again and again. Hence we had to see this one with her that too on big screen. First half - is something that flies off in flat 10 minutes and you totally fall in love with the characters - especially super cute Dhanush. Second half is a total disaster - made me think big time - why they had to do what they did with the story and it could have definitely ended on a way too better note than the way it does. Even my daughter was like “I didn’t like the second part as much as the first part was” she meant second half J. Oh my god! It just falls flat, nosedives in the second half, I guess the writers are to be blamed for the same as they should have thought of a better way for the twist especially the ending. I even forgave the makers for taking Sonam Kapoor in lead but I was glad that they were able to extract at least half of what was expected from her. With a very heavy heart I will have to rate it below par at 2/5. It’s still a good one time watch especially for Dhanush's heartfelt performance.

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