Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sona Spa (2013) - Thriller

I really need to know what was “Makarand Deshpande” smoking when he made this one, WOW what a weird idea – looks like a straight lift from some B Grade foreign movie for sure as I don’t expect him to be so creative to have think of that. Plus you’ve got to google and check the way “Sleep Workers (Girls who sleep for their customers) whose brains are connected” It is one of the most hilarious ways of Syncing two people that was the high point of the movie plus Naseer Saab has precise 30 seconds role in the movie and they keep running the same scene again and again and again. I was expecting some kind of crappy out of the box ending at least but even that didn’t happen as the Director suddenly decides to end it on a happy note where everyone lives happily ever after since their sleep disorders and life problems are solved by someone else sleeping for them – Mind-blowing. Super Crap of first order. Please don’t ask me why I saw it in the first place.

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