Wednesday, July 31, 2013

White House Down (2013) - Action

After watching “Olympus Has Fallen” last week – I actually gave myself a couple of days before picking up this one as they are back to back same stuff (I thought) but this one turns out to be a better movie and as comparisons are inevitable anyways. Fortunately I like Gerard Butler who starred the previous one but I actually love Jamie Foxx more I guess hence this one was a superb time pass with some real good one liners and comic scenes. White House Down actually talks a lot about American politics, White House and gives a lot of information what I expected in Olympus Has Fallen but that one turns out to be a non stop action movie right from the first till the very last frame. This one has limited action but a lot happening all around – it actually gives quite a good guided tour of White House to the audience and that guy who plays the guide was very funny – it’s all run of the mill stuff from an American Movie standards – same old thing of getting hold of their nuclear devices and planning to blow off the enemies, asking some million dollars and an airplane to escape. But the way it all is done is something I liked – Channing Tatum in lead as a DC Cop going for an interview to the White House for Secret Service position takes his daughter along for a guided tour. His interview is over right at the start when he finds his X girl friend (Maggie Gyllenhal) is in charge of the same– how he qualifies for the same in next couple of hours is something you should watch the movie for – by saving the President (Jamie Foxx). How ironical it is that Jamie Foxx played the character of a slave (Django Unchained) in his last movie and what he becomes next is - President of United States. Their comic timing is excellent and they share a damn good chemistry too. Again the movie is a little too long – I guess they should have trimmed it by another 15-20 minutes easily but again that’s the point why it works for me. I will definitely give it a good 3/5 and will call it a superb time pass.

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