Friday, January 31, 2014

Mesrine: Killer Instinct (2008) - Thriller

Vincent Cassel in one of his best performances to date – I will rate it way too higher than what he did in “Black Swan” – simply mind blowing job. This is one of those rare negative character ever played on celluloid which is author backed and the one that you always wished “only if he wasn’t a bad guy”, reminded me throughout its runtime of my favorite villain “The Joker” – it’s that great. No wonder the movie is being been referred to as the French version of the American film Scarface which starred Al Pacino. I simply love these volatile characters – the one this guy Jacques Mesrine (Vincent) is – one moment he is all lovy dovy with a pleasing personality, a great dancer, lover and the very next moment he will shoot someone in a point blank range or stuff a loaded gun in his wife’s mouth just because she objects to him going out with his buddies. An Ex French Army guy who finds it tough to survive in the sane world with his killer instincts, he even tries a couple of times to be normal but his luck running hard and he keeps running into wrong people. What I loved about his character is that he is a man of his words, when he commits something – he is going to do exactly that – come what may. Watch out for the terrific jail break sequence and what he does next with hardly any help. A little shorter than two hours long but one heck of a thriller – another good thing about this one is that its in two parts and I am totally hooked to get the next installment and watch it soon. This one definitely gets a damn good 4/5 from me with two thumbs up for thriller lovers; it’s a joy ride that you will never forget. Even otherwise it’s a movie which is not to be missed by anyone.

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