Friday, June 03, 2016

The Choice - Nicholas Sparks (Book)

27/100 of #100bookpact

The Choice

After a long long time got a proper love story - not that I mind reading but just couldnt help but fall in love with it (or say characters). What a beautiful book, a breeze to read obviously as all love stories are and aptly titled. The characters are so well intertwined - the way they interact - what they chose to say and think is totally amazing. The story could take a turn this way or that way - the reader knows but it all changes with the "Choice" they make.
Unfortunately based on the twists and turns - it is the second book on almost the same subject but with a different (heart touching) ending. But it didnt work the way I expected it to work for me, although good but not great. No Goosebumps, Lumps in the throat, smiles with tears in my eyes and so on so forth but nevertheless a good fast read. I am definitely going to pick up the authors other works too as I liked the way this one is written. 


Ava Suri said...

Looks like you made an excellent choice.

Rohit Sharma said...

Oh yes, All credit to Gurpreet - she not only recommended but sent it too.