Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Red Lights (2012) - Thriller

While watching a French movie of the same name – I came across this one and was shocked to a movie with two of my favorite actors – Robert De Niro and Sigourney Weaver totally went unnoticed by me for so long. I must praise Cillian Murphy for an outstanding performance as Assistant to Sigourney Weaver in the movie, this must be his career best performance and would definitely get noticed big time by people. A damn good movie which I would put somewhere in between a perfect thriller and horror, it has those shocking “Jump out of your seat” moments too with solid background score thrown in. Robert De Niro again in a terrific role although not too impressive from his standards but still quite a good to say the least. I am sure the two scenes of him taking off his dark glasses will give you Goosebumps like they did to me. I wonder how dashing Sigourney looks in this one – she is one of those females who impress me with every movie she does. Last we saw her was in a damn good role in “Avatar” and now in this one – she has an equally good role – unfortunately how I craved to see both of them together in one shot but guess that wasn’t the agenda with the Director. Check it out guys – it’s a must watch for De Niro fans for sure and Cillian Murphy is sure to impress you big time in this one. Even otherwise it works as a damn good thriller at least if nothing else. Surely not to be missed.

The Movie: It has a very interesting premise – the one that I totally love with Sigourney Weaver as a University Academic also working as a Paranormal Investigator assisted by a superb Cillian Murphy in both the areas. They are highly against the idea of someone with super or paranormal healing powers and all. How they keep uncovering those people in the initial opening of the movie is too good, it give you a pretty good idea of what you should be looking forward to in coming hour or so. Sigourney is too good – even at that age – she does everything in a style that you just can’t help but love her totally – she still looks damn good to me at least. They keep investigating all the psychics and paranormal activities but she isn’t interested in investigating only one man and his powers and that happens to be Simon Silver (Robert De Niro) as they have a past – because of that she tells Cillian Murphy that the guy is dangerous and they should not be investigating his case. Simon Silver vanishes from public performances for decades before he hits back and as the day of his another public appearance comes close – the audience are totally hooked and look forward to uncover the truth behind his so called powers – right then the story takes an awesome turn by suspicious death of Sigourney Weaver. I felt so sad as I was actually looking forward to some action between them but what happens next and how Cillian Murphy takes it all on himself to uncover Simon Silver is simply outstanding and superb action.

Elizabeth Olsen and Sigourney Weaver
Robert De Niro – He comes in the movie almost after the half time but the little snippets of him here and there with those dangerous eyes are too good to keep your interest alive in the movie – he looks terrific – I am sure I will never forget those dangerous looks of him ever. The antics that he does in the movie are simply stunning and mind-blowing. How the investigation proceeds and Cillian uncovers the truth behind is powers are a thrilling ride. I have never seen this guy in that kind of a character ever – here and there he had impressed me in small roles as a villain but none comes close to the one he has done in this one – totally superb. I am sure he is going to get his due with this movie and will definitely get noticed for his superb work. I love those shocks that the movie gives you – this one reminded me of “I know what you did last summer” a lot as every now and then you get a shock. Like those typical sudden knocking on the car window, weird looking people, terrific background score, car screeching to a halt right before hitting another vehicle, dark rooms, calling ghosts and spirits – it had everything to make it a perfect thriller. Unfortunately, I am sure it did not do too well on the box office as it never came to my notice for last six months of its release. Anyways, I found it pretty good and will definitely recommend it to everyone who likes thrillers.

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