Thursday, August 01, 2013

Oblivion (2013) - Science Fiction

Another so called “Post Apocalyptic Science Fiction” movie – in other words I will call it another disaster movie from Hollywood where the world has ended long back and aliens are still trying to extract what remains on earth with the help of a handful of idiot clones (read Tom Cruise, his wife and colleague) – I guess Hollywood has certainly run out of ideas and that’s all they could think of. Thanks God for making me miss this insane movie on big screen – still I had to make do with a 720p print of the same since wifey is a big big Tom Cruise fan – who walked out of the movie half way and asked me next day if it was any fun? The worst part of this movie is the name “Morgan Freeman” attached to it with precisely four and a half line that he says and some stupid expression on his face at the last scene of movie before he sacrifices his life for the betterment of human race saying “Wtf was I doing in this movie anyways?”. Imagine this – the world has ended and they (Whoever they were) still extracting some stuff out of earth, Tom Cruise who is about to go to some other planet to live his remaining life lives on a tower above New York City, wears a NYC Cap, his tower has a transparent swimming pool – wow – where is the water coming from? Don’t ask – he even has a house somewhere on earth – nobody obviously knows nothing about it and believe me – it’s a lakeside house with one fish in the pond, a working record player and a great collection of long play records too – oh yeah! Before I forget – he even saved a pair of Ray Ban’s too ;) Purpose of his life? to retrieve his lost memory and get united with his lost wife, finish those who are extracting earth’s remains and stop that cloning machine from creating a million clones of himself. All you get to see is again – destroyed NYC with one bridge here and statue of liberty there – a stadium in ruins after 2017 world cup and a couple of scenes shot on the terrace of “Empire State Building” in ruins. That’s such a laugh out loud stuff – I tell you. I will call it one of the worst made on the subject and hope that they do not come out with a sequel of any sort, give it a miss if you haven’t seen it yet and if you did – let me know if you liked it. No ratings.

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