Wednesday, June 08, 2016

A Confession - Leo Tolstoy (Book)

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A Confession - Leo Tolstoy

What is the meaning of my life? Why Am I here? What am I doing? What will come of my life? Generations have come and generations have gone from this planet - but what happened in the end? nothing. We are still here busy doing nine to five, make money, eat, sleep, rave and repeat - what happens to life in the end? We all die so is that the truth? Is that the only end we can have or can there be any other ending. Is this why we came to this planet or took birth, no memory of the past, no guarantee of a future, just the present that too we are not sure where we are going, or why we are doing what we are doing? Who started all this?

There will be no one person who hasn't thought that once in their lifetime but again since we have EMI's to pay and a life to live we continue. Leo Tolstoy was the man who stopped at the peak of his career, did a little research on his part and came to some conclusion by end which again wasnt that convincing (as per him). This is kind of his own confession of what he thought of life and its meaning. I got this book as a part of my "Philosophical Reads" and totally loved it. It cleared almost all the doubts I had in my mind about faith and philosophy. Although it has three more parts to it - which I am definitely going to pick in due course of time (need some time to digest this one first). If you like Philosophical reads - pick this up any day and you will be floored by the simplicity of the writer. I have read couple of his works earlier and have always rated Russion Authors very highly and he impressed me big time yet again. 

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