Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Red Queen - Matt Ridley (Book)

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The Red Queen - Matt Ridley.

I am so much inclined to read Charles Darwin's theory of evolution for quite a while - although I very well know that a lot of it is going to get bounced way above my head (Say understanding) but still would like to give it a try and in the meantime I stumbled upon this one. This Book was basically a topic of discussion between two main characters of another book (you see I pick up what I am going to read like that too). Hence I picked it up and what a mind blowing book this one turns out to be. Totally in Awe with Darwin's theory and the likes - Matt Ridley (Author) has done some superb research while coming out with this one and wrote it in such an interesting way that it makes a lot of sense for even a lay man like me who hasn't read anything about Biology (Human as well as other species) since 10th standard. It was actually like I was watching a series on Evolution and progress of species on this planet earth on National Geographic. Terrific details, superb examples and stories thrown in with real time debates, arguments etc to put a point across. How it all started, why it took so much time for us to be where we are and in the end even the Author is ready for brickbats as he very well knows that a lot of others will not agree with what he has to say about the subject. I would call it one amazing book to read if at all this subject interests you - so much so that by the time it ended - I was literally looking forward to read some more. So I guess its high time that I got a copy of the Original Darwin book and read it some time soon. 

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