Thursday, June 09, 2016

The Book of Fate - Parinoush Saniee (Book)

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The Book of Fate - Parinoush Saniee 

A very close friend got this book, read it, loved it, cherished it and the best thing she did is that she sent it to me to read too ;). A book which was banned due to its content which I am sure is mostly true covers the 50 years in the life of an Iranian woman (the Author) and I have no words to explain what all she goes through. Indeed it is no less then a thriller from any angle as it just made me race to the very end as I actually craved to see if anything good is finally going to happen to her or not. Right from her childhood to her education, marriage, career, children, the famous Iran Iraq war etc - how her life gets entangled / torn in between all those is the account covered through heartbreaking narration in the book. But as they say "Every cloud has a silver lining" and thats exactly what I kept looking for and it has its own moments when it actually made me smile and feel some respite for her. Never once the book gets predictable because as hard as I could imagine the shocks to my amazement kept coming and kept pushing me to a positive end (at least), but the question remains will she ever get what she so rightly deserved in the end? You've got to read it yourself to know that. Now I am going to pass it on to another good friend as it needs to be spread.

The cover of the book which I initially thought is the face of an amazing beautiful lady with red hijab but as the story progresses it actually becomes haunting in a way that I started feeling sad for her, how could they do all that to their own kids, sisters, wives, mothers and all that, unbelievable. The memory of that face is going to go for a very long time in my head I guess.

A couple of her other works too I believe got printed and some are waiting for the bans to be lifted so they should see the light of the day and come in our hands to be read. I pray it happens soon as I will be hooked to get them now. 

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