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A Second Chance - AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada (Book)

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A Second Chance - AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

I got this book while passing through a traffic signal in Mumbai by a follower of Krishna Consciousness Movement as he was offering it just like that - no price - although he was open for donation if we willingly wanted to make any. The title was very tempting - A Second Chance (The Story of a Near-Death Experience), that sounded pretty interesting but unfortunately it turns out to be a total disaster. I really seriously (look at the stress) wondered throughout that millions of people worldwide are part of this movement and this is what their literature says? Unbelievable. The gist is that as per them all the other religions are meaningless and the chiefs of those religions are called "Rascals" - trust me if I had counted this word is used like a good 500 times for various religious leaders, call it Christianity or Mohammedanism or whatever - they are all fake, even the Hindu gods and goddesses are called demigods as their supremos as per them is Lord Krishna - not that I have any issues with Krishna but... anyways. They have a right to their opinion after all still I thought how could so many people follow their teachings blindly.

Although the story told in this book is nice (again debatable) as the protagonist Ajamila a Brahmin by birth ends up marrying a prostitue and fathers a couple of kids (he names one of them as Narayana) - on his death bed he calls his son as he is in pain and all his sins are washed instantly by chanting Narayana (even when he doesnt mean to chant Krishna's name) and he is delivered to heaven. Super. The interesting part throughout the most of the book is the debate between Yamadutas (Yamaraj and his followers) and Vishnudutas (followers of Vishnu who come to save him from Yamaraj). I do not agree with neither their theory or ideology but didnt mind reading and knowing their perspective.

Also, reading this book - now I am totally inclined to get a simplified version of Bhagwadgita written with keeping us mere mortals in mind by someone. Do let me know if you know of any of those versions - I really need to read it and clear my mind of what is right and what is wrong.

This book is a no go.
Give it a miss if you come across anywhere. 

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