Monday, June 27, 2016

The Prophet - Khalil Gibran (Book)

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The Prophet - Khalil Gibran

I will call it another fantastic little book of Wisdom by Khalil Gibran. After reading a couple of books touching philosophy here n there by the likes of Tolstoy, Nietsche and even Ayn Rand for that matter - thought of trying something from a more closer place. And this one exactly word to word teaches the same stuff and confirms what other philosophers died preaching the world. I am surprised to know that even to check the existence of the city where this story takes place - one needs to do a lot of research - I had to actually read another little book to know where it all was happening and I gave it up gradually finding that someplace imaginary and closest they came to conclude was Jerusalem. Looking at the small size of the book I was shocked to read that it almost covers up all the subjects under the sun, talk about Love, Life, Job, Family, Business, Religion, Truth, Death and what not. Written in such a simple way yet superbly meaningful. Kept reminding me of Paulo Coelho from the recent times - a book one can finish in simple one sitting but it will be on the back of your head throughout the rest of your life. If one is in search of something that one doesn't know what? this is the book which will make one understand what exactly you were searching - actually you already had it from the very start as per the Prophet. 

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