Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Satyajit Ray On Cinema - Satyajit Ray (Book)

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Satyajit Ray On Cinema

After watching all his movies back to back not so long ago - I decided to read all the works by him and on him as well. Unfortunately to my shock and surprise out of a huge list of books and stories written by him there is hardly anything available in our book stores as I walked into Crossword and they had nothing (Almost) with his name on it. Got a couple of books from Amazon and totally loving it. This one is written by him (Edited by his Son) and is basically his review / opinion on world cinema. The names and movies he has reviewed in here are some of the Iconic Classics and its totally unbelievable the way he has seen and understood them. Satyajit Ray I am sure was one of the best critics one can ever have (I am sure of his own time) the keen observation and points that he raised of a few movies that I had seen - its mindblowing. His views on his own works and how he could have bettered them too is amazing. This book clarifies if anyone has any doubts on him being a giant of a Man and an Icon then being a normal human being. As soon as I picked it up and the way it is written - I sincerely prayed that it would never end and with some outstanding precious pictures thrown inside - it actually makes it a collectors item. Imagine in one of the pictures there is Ray, Kurosawa and Michelangelo Antonioni over looking Taj Mahal. It has so many things inside those 200 pages that I am sure I will pick it up again and this book itself is no less then a school of Cinema. I am so looking forward to his other works now - let me see how many I can lay my hands on now. 

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