Thursday, October 11, 2012

About a Boy (2002) - Comedy

Hugh Grant is one of my favorite actors; he is such a sweet guy (On-screen) that as many times I come across any new or old movie of him – I again and again fall in love with him. I believe he is one of the most underrated actors of his own times. Barring a very few of his movies – I have almost seen all more then once. This was one of those exceptionally brilliant feel good movies. In this movie, Hugh Grant is a well off guy surviving on his dad's royalties, having a good time doing nothing but watching TV. He dates a single mother but unfortunately their relationship ends amicably, soon comes up with an idea to date single mothers only by joining a group called SPAT (Single Parents Alone Together). What life throws on him is a hilarious ride and how it all ends is simply superb, it actually made me laugh out loud like crazy, totally loved his straight face comedy. The guy even when in so much trouble makes a damn good face and tries to walk out of trouble in his own ways. Watch out for the last scene and his performance on stage – you will be in splits for sure. It’s a damn good one time watch especially for those who love clean comedies. Not to be missed. 

Rachel Weisz
The Movie: As I mentioned earlier, Hugh is such a nice guy even in this movie that all his antics sound and look so genuine. His frustrations, confusions, reactions, even when he blurts out something in anger, it makes me laugh big time. Like it happens in this movie couple of times. The story is very simple and straight forward of a guy “Will” (Hugh Grant), who practically does nothing for a living as his dad composed some Christmas songs and the royalty coming from the same is more than enough for him to live a comfortable life. One fine day he meets a single mother but just in a couple of days he realizes they aren’t meant to be together but since he is a nice guy and cares for her feelings – it’s very hard for him to break off with her. To his shock, even she had the same feeling and they call it off amicably. But with this relationship he realizes one thing that its easy to be in a relationship with a single mother, have a good time and move on to the next, without any commitment or responsibility. During one of his grocery shopping trips he comes across an ad talking about a group called SPAT (Single Parents Alone Together), he joins them and claims that he has a two year old son whose currently gone with his separated wife. There he meets another parent and goes around with her. During one of their picnic trips, he meets her friend’s 12 year old son Marcus (Nicholas Hoult). What happens in the picnic is hilarious stuff as Marcus kills a duck with a loaf of bread but Will saves him by creating a story, with which Marcus gets pretty impressed and develops a bond with him gradually.

Natalia Tena
Marcus’s mother too is a single parent and she tries committing suicide but somehow she is saved by Will and her neighboring friend who Will was dating previously. Marcus tries Will to date his mom to save her from loneliness but after their first date he follows Will and realizes that he neither has a kid nor is a divorcee. Marcus being a smart kid blackmails his way to his home and gets an access to Will’s house as and when he wishes. They develop quite a good bond as they go out together and Will does helps him on couple of things, they do spend some good time together at Will’s house. It was damn good to see Marcus’s popularity starts growing in his school and he too ends up going around with a hot tom boyish girl Ellie (Natalia Tena), in the meantime Will too comes across Rachel (Rachel Weisz) and he uses Marcus as his own son to appear interesting to her. How they all meet and what goes around with Rachel’s son and Marcus is hilarious, finally they end up breaking off as well and finally Will and Marcus too fight it off between themselves. What happens next and how it falls all over in right place is a classic ending. The last half an hour off the movie is too good with thinks going out of hands but again falling in right places. Marcus’s social suicide even after his girl friends warning is too good and how Will saves him on stage is one hell of a scene. The way they have used one of my favorite songs “Killing me softly” here – it had me in splits. I am sure comedy lovers will enjoy this one big time.

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