Tuesday, October 09, 2012

English Vinglish (2012) - Drama

Some movies are so real life like that you just cant help but get amazed by the creativity and deep thought process of the Writer / Director and in this movies case both the department are headed by the debutant Gauri Shinde. She claims it’s her mother’s story whereas I felt as if she showed me my mother’s life story and I guess lot of people like me will definitely relate it to a lot of Indian Housewives whose stories were never told before, never in this way at least. It is class apart and a damn good movie with so many heart warming moments that it keeps you totally hooked to it. You just can’t wait for the climax and the moment of glory to come with it, which you look forward to so badly. Entire cast does justice to their roles, like you hate her daughter for laughing at her, you love her son for his unconditional love towards his mother, you again hate her husband too to be so heartless, you love her niece to help her out, totally love her classmates, so on and so forth but the cake goes to Sridevi for an outstanding performance. I tried hard to imagine who else could have lived this character so well but none of the name comes any closer to the way she plays it. I was never her fan – although I chose her above Madhuri and liked her for the characters she portrayed on screen – she was and is still damn good looking. This is a must watch for all the married guys, who knows? You may be making the same mistake her husband was doing and it’s a must watch for all of the housewives, who knows? A course like that may change your life too. Even otherwise – it’s a damn good entertainer if nothing else, not to be missed by anyone.   

English Learning Class
The Movie: Is based on the life of a middle aged Indian Housewife Shashi (Sridevi), who’s married to Satish (Adil Hussain) lives in Pune with her two young kids and mother-in-law. She is a damn good dedicated mother and a good wife yet her own daughter and husband leave no opportunity to make fun of her. Specially her daughter whose a 7th grade student – she is too embarrassed to go with her mother in a PTA just because of her inability to speak in English to other parents and her class teacher. It is shown in the movie in such a subtle way that I just couldn’t help but draw parallels to my own life where I actually hated my mom – when it came to going to my school to take my progress card or when I had to accompany her to the market or local grocery store. It was a scene cut of my own life in the movie – moved me big time, I now feel so sorry for being like that. How she overcomes that successfully yet to the embarrassment to her own daughter who feels she overdoes it and still not not happy. I was shocked to see her husband so heartless – who had no feelings towards his own wife – who’s so good in everything she does, a wife who is so good right from cooking delicious food, to being with the kids all day, taking care of the household, his own age old mother etc. On top of that she even makes damn good Laddoo’s (Indian Sweets), which are like well known and praised by one and all in the society – she does makes good money too with her own small scale business. 

Priya Anand "The Niece"
Twist in the life comes in the form of an invitation from her sister who invites them all to attend her daughter’s marriage in United States of America. Now Shashi, who is already weak in English and who couldn’t communicate with anyone properly has to go to USA that too alone because she had to help her sister in marriage preparations and obviously her kids and husband coundnt join her because of office and school. Even the thought of the same was scary for her, how she takes the flight and goes to USA to her sister is one hilarious ride yet heart touching drama to say the least. One moment you are in splits and in second you are serious and thinking about her plight. How she tackles those ups and downs is totally commendable and the highlight of the movie. Once in USA – its good to see her loving niece taking good care of her, helping her out so well, I wish her daughter was half as good as her niece – life would’ve been so good for Shashi. One fine day she comes across an Advertisement in a bus claiming “Learn English in 4 Weeks” – how she enrolls for the course and how it all changes her life upside down is the rest of the movie. You’ve got to see it to believe it. Trust me the best part of the movie starts when she comes out of the class on the first day. That point onwards there is no looking back – not for her and not for the Shashi loving and cheering audience. It’s an amazing experience seeing her success and happiness. So much so that – I actually wanted to stand in the end and clap for her and I realized – I was not the only one who was feeling that ways – even my wife, her friend and almost all the people in the auditorium had the same feelings.

Sri Devi - The Confident Shashi
Some Outstanding Scenes: Right from the very start, when she goes to deliver those laddoo’s – you realize almost everyone knows and respects her big time other than her own family who takes her for granted all the time. When Shashi goes to attend the PTA – the hilarious situation, her success and embarrassment for daughter – all happening in one time. Fight to USA with a helping stranger – entertaining her throughout the way with a damn good message as they end their journey. Her niece helping her to attend her classes without letting know of her own sister. The entire classmates and the whole English learning sessions. Shopping scene with her niece and entire introduction of New York to Shashi and audience with damn good score from Amit Trivedi. French guy, helping her on the first day, restaurant scene, falling in love, their communication without knowing each others language. There were so many scenes that I can go about on and on, but I will end it here now. Go head watch it – do not miss it.


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