Saturday, October 13, 2012

Taken 2 (2012) - Action / Thriller

Disclaimer: I am huge Liam Neeson as well as Old School of Action Movies fan, so I am going to brag here about both of them big time. If you have an issue with any of them – go ahead and skip this post there are better things to do than read my take on this fantastic thriller. Oh yeah! I loved Expendables (both the parts), just so you know what type of movies I love. This is one of those movies which should be called a well deserving sequel – which actually confuses the audience to decide which one was better. Hats off to the Director and to the cast to pull this off in a fantastic style, right from the very first scene till the very climax – it’s a bloody edge of the seat thriller with so much going on screen that it actually makes you forget the coke and popcorn you picked up on your way to your seat. This one starts right where we left the first part, Liam is back after killing the kidnappers of his daughter, separated with his wife and as an over protective father. The tragedy (For villains) is that this time – he is being kidnapped and his daughter helps in the rescue – that’s a complete suicide on the part of villains but the way its done is amazing (Read that Aammaazzzziinngg). The highlight of movie is Liam Neeson doing hand to hand combat with half a dozen guys and letting them bite the dust, he yet again proves that he is and will always an action hero. If you like thrillers – you will Love this. Not to be missed by action lovers and it will be a crime for Liam fans to miss it.

Famke Jenssen
The Movie: As I said, this one starts right where the first one left, father of the guys Murad (Rade Šerbedžija) he killed in Paris to save his daughter decides to take a revenge on him by killing him with whatever people he had left with him. On the other side we see a little relaxed Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson), helping his daughter Kim (Maggie Grace) get a driver’s license by giving her lessons in his own car – it’s great to see him clean the car spick and span before he picks her up exactly at 2 PM, not 1.58 and definitely not 2.01 but exactly as the clock turns 2.00 PM he gets down from his car and rings the bell of his ex wife Lenore’s (Hottie Famke Janssen) house. Only to know that she is gone off with her boyfriend, what he does next is anybody’s guess as he is an Ex CIA agent – so it’s a matter of seconds for him to know her location and pick her up. It was too funny to see him actually do that and his daughter does obliges by driving him back and by parking the car perfectly before she takes the final drive test at DMV to get her own license. But fate had something else in store for them this time. Lenore is having some issues with her current husband and as their vacation plans go for a toss, Bryan offers them to come along with him to Istanbul as he had a private brief assignment after which they all can spend some time together. Bryan goes off to his work in Istanbul and is surprised later to see that his Ex wife and daughter actually drop by to Istanbul and surprise him. They plan to have a quite time together and his Kim makes sure that she leaves her parents alone to have some good time and rekindle their relationship, stays in the room and they go out. 

Maggie Grace
Change of gears: Right from the moment Bryan and Lenore step out of the hotel in a car, they realize they were being followed by another car. What starts this point onwards is a extremely fast paced chase between the bad guys and Bryan, how he takes them all head on, gets kidnapped with his Ex wife and how his daughter this time supposed to save him is a fantastic cat and mouse chase game. It was simply superb to see Liam Neeson in a again a full fledge action movie – doing what he does best as he tells his daughter – kill em all to settle it once and for all. The movie is actually very intelligently made if you ask me as I had to keep a track of what was going on screen. Bryan’s calculation and the sense of direction, as his and his ex wife’s faces are totally covered, they had no idea where they are being taken, yet the way he manages to exactly locate where they were with the help of his daughter bombing around the city. The device he uses to call those three numbers and which works like a savior to him is simply superb. The movie has its own goof ups too but yet – I am sure we can live with them as long as it delivers a perfect thriller the way it does in this one. I actually ignored the little mistakes as it was too good to see them fight for their life and help each other. Even Maggie Grace got a lot of footage this time and was a part of two damn good chases, one on foot on the roof and another one in a car with his dad giving her instructions, the way she drives around the congested lanes of Istanbul and crashes in US embassy is a totally awesome scene confirming that she is going to get a license after the movie ends. But the best part was how she traces her parents location with the help of Bryan’s instructions is simply superb. Even in the climax – they don’t spare you and give you a nice shock, I kept thinking whether they were hinting on a third part or not – you’ve got to see it yourself to decide as it’s too good to be told. This one turns out to be a great thriller against my hopes as couple of my own friends trashed it after seeing but fortunately I loved it. Hence I will definitely recommend it big time with two thumbs up. Do not miss it.

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