Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Visitor Q (2001) - Japanese Controversial

I don’t know where I read about this term called “Mindfuck”. Trust me I did, but never knew what it actually meant till I saw this Japanese movie “Visitor Q”. I guess a friend mentioned its name somewhere in a movie discussion and it stuck in my mind. Today as I saw it – I realized the meaning of that term in all its senses. This one blew my mind off in such a way, the way it was never blown earlier by any other movie. Yes, I have seen some real bad ones, some made me puke (in reality) the movies I could never complete – challenged my friends and they came out with flying colors watching the same movies, the ones that I could never standby. But that was History till I saw this one as this opened up a new chapter – I am totally shocked with its content, handling, shooting and the final product. I will not write much in details because it’s crass, gross, and lethal. Just to give you a glimpse on what to expect in this one is a father making a documentary on Japan’s Youth, screws his own daughter, even pays for it, while his Heroine addict wife is being beaten black and blue by her own son for buying a wrong tooth brush. The son is being bullied by his classmates; they shoot fire crackers in his room, make him shit in his own pants. Full frontal nudity, sex with a corpse, dumping the body after cutting it into pieces, unlimited killing, thrashing, blood and gore etc. I mean it has so much in it that it beats all the other movies from the same or whatever genre they may belong to. Why did I see this? Go back and read the first line. 

Mother, Son and Father
The Movie: The movie starts off with a note “Have you ever done it with your dad?” and you already know where this movie is going. Next what you see is a sex scene where a father is filming his own daughter who is a prostitute as he is making a documentary on Japan’s Youth. The whole video of them having sex is shot on his camera, he ejaculates too early to which she doubles the charges – I mean its mind numbing gross stuff still it can’t be called porn as well. I guess porn movies are better than this one as they don’t bother you the way this one does. I was thinking hard – what actually Director wanted to show with this? How sick a person can be? Or how gross can you make a movie?  Next caption you see is “Have you ever been hit on the head?” And Bang! A stranger hits the father on his head for no reason. The movie moves on to the next part called “Have you ever hit your mother?” I mean it keeps going up on the grossness quotient if there is any. And bang! What you see is mind blowing stuff – a teenage son hitting his own mother black and blue just because she got him a wrong tooth brush to which she keeps requesting “Don’t hit me on the face”. How sick one can be. It keeps getting worse with every scene, next what we see is the same guy who hit the father on head is the visitor and having dinner with him while his own son beats his wife.

Fujiko The Daughter
The Father: keeps filming his documentary even when he comes across his son’s friends bullying him on the road. On the other side mother is getting ready to go to work even after getting beaten up badly with all the cuts, bruises and a limp. Again she too is a prostitute who is shown in next scene whipping her customer as per his wishes. She comes back home after work and it keeps getting better or shall I say worse from this point onwards as their visitor teaches her a new technique of squeezing her own breasts and spray out the milk, WOW! What an imagination and what a scene it is – totally blowing your mind off your head. And to make it worse she enjoys it big time and gets addicted to it too as you see her do the same again and again. The father in the meantime tries to shoot his documentary with his colleagues help. She gets fed up with the whole thing and walks out on him. To which he beats her right on the road and rapes her while all that is being captured in a camera by the Visitor. He ends up choking her to death mistakenly and the worst scene of the movie comes with the father having sex with a corpse and even to top it all – his penis gets stuck in the body. What they do next is something that you will never forget in your life and the final outcome is worse then what you saw till this moment.
Kazushi Watanabe The Visitor

This became the worst movie I ever saw so far in my entire experience of watching movies of last two decades or more I guess. I haven’t seen something so gross yet in my life. The movies that I have discarded so far or the one’s that I haven’t seen full because they were too bad – they look classics in front of this one. I guess its going to take years for me to come across a movie worse than this one for sure. 

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