Friday, October 05, 2012

Oh My God (2012) - Drama

Akshay Kumar has screwed his reputation so badly these days that picking up his movies to watch is no less than an adventure. But with Paresh Rawal at the helm of things in this one – I was bound to check this one as soon as I could and I am way too glad that I saw it finally – it was a laugh riot and too damn good on the subject. The best part of the movie is – its too damn true and stays true to its subject – so many times we end up exclaiming “Oh yeah, that’s how it is indeed”. “Yes, it happens”. I even read somewhere that such was the impact of the movie that the usual donations have gone down in religious places after movie’s release last week – don’t know how true that is in reality though. Paresh Rawal is too good in lead with an awesome supporting cast especially Akshay Kumar, Om Puri, Govind Namdeo and Mithun Chakraborty. Based on the life of an Atheist (Kanjibhai – Paresh Rawal) who sues god because his shop gets destroyed in a earth quake and insurance company rejects his claim as “Acts of God” are not covered under the claim – what happens next is a hilarious ride and a fantastic lesson that everyone needs to learn with this one. A must watch for all – it entertains you big time and teaches you something great too. Not to be missed at any cost. 

Govind Namdeo, Mithun and Poonam Jhawer
The Movie: The movie is based on a Gujarati Play Kanji VS Kanji and with a plot similar to an Australian Movie “The Man Who Sued God”. It’s based on the life of one Kanji bhai – a middle class shop owner who sells Hindu Idols and religious stuff to people. He himself is a big time atheist and a non believer, it’s hilarious to see how he gets all those statues and stuff which he calls antiques and sells at a way too high price – playing with the sentiments of religious God fearing people. One fine day he offends a devout Hindu Maharaj in between an on going festival and makes the crowd disperse just to get his son back to home. The Maharaj gets offended and shouts that “God will curse you” and the very next day a very minor earthquake occurs in Mumbai with almost no damage to no one but only to Kanji Bhai’s shop, which gets totally ruined with nothing left intact inside. He goes to the Insurance Company’s office to file for a claim for loss of property but is denied on the grounds that “Act of God” isn’t covered by Insurance provider. Here onwards the movie takes a turn as Kanji Bhai runs from pillar to post to get his claim sanctioned – he tries all the tricks he could to get it but fails big time. He is left with no option but to file a case against God but again – no lawyer would come forward to file such a never heard ever case that too against God. Finally, he gets a lawyer Hanif Qureshi (Om Puri) as he is already discarded in his own society for taking up Hindi cases – he offers to help him by sending notice to God men but will not be able to fight the case in court of law because of his physical disability. Kanji Bhai takes it up on himself to defend his own case in court of law. They do send the notices to all God men like the Hindu Maharaj (Govind Namdeo), Gopi Maiyya (Sexy Poonam Jhawer), their leader Leeladhar (Mithun) and Insurance Company’s lawyer (Hilarious Mahesh Manjrekar).

Prabhu Deva and Sonakshi Sinha (Item Number)
After the first hearing: The case further gets complicated as Kanji Bhai makes a solid case out of his dilemma in such a convincing way that even court has to give him to prove his case to them. The whole crowd – who are out and out God fearing people turn against him and it becomes tuff for him to go out in public with everywhere people lining up to beat him up for filing a case against their Gods. Right then – when he is about to get beaten up – a stranger comes to his rescue – it’s a tacky scene of modern Krishna (Akshay Kumar) who lands from a sky scraper on his bike and rescues him away in style. Finally Kanji Bhai reaches home somehow and realizes that his wife leaves him along with his kids in the wake of all the troubles they’ve been facing because of his case. Akshay Kumar comes over to his house as the new owner and advices him how to proceed with the case. How Kanji Bhai goes on to the court and fights his case – is totally an experience of a life time and an eye opener for the society. Especially to those who blindly follow the religion and priests without knowing any reasons or basis what so ever. The commercialization of religious places, temples, mosques, churches etc. It’s shown in such a way that you end up gasping big time and realizing – that’s actually how it is in our society today. I seriously wondered how our so called “Over Sensitive Censor Board” cleared this movie for a public viewing – hats off to them for this one at least. How he represents his case and even ends up winning it is not only hilarious but damn good. It has a perfect message for the current times and I am sure the audience will understand and make amends too in their life.

Akshay Kumar - Modern Krishna
Fantastic is the way they have shown the true face of society in this movie. How the religious groups take the God fearing crowd for a ride and make so much of money out of it. How they make millions in collections and do nothing for the society and support the political parties for their own motives is totally true. One man’s fight with the corruption in society that too in the name of religion is an eye opener, we all come across these things in our daily life but when its about religion – no one opposes it as we are all God fearing people – this movies teaches us to become God loving than fearing. I myself do not believe too much on God and Super Powers etc yet I do visit temples and religious places for the sheer historical value. I am highly against donations to these places and people – totally liked the way they projected it in this movie and throw more light on it with right reasoning.

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