Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Project X (2012) - Comedy

In the series of college disaster movies – we have another addition in the name of “Project X” with a fantastic almost unknown cast and a debut Director – this is too good to be missed. Nothing new or great about it though but a perfect time pass – with a couple of beers and friends – this could be great fun. They have kept the premise straight and simple with 4 losers trying to make it big in school by throwing a party that too with their parents due permission. Because of their no popularity in school they expect a gathering of 30 odd people but what it turns out in real is something unbelievable and what they do to the guy's poolside house – whose celebrating his 17th birthday is something you’ve got to see it to believe it. How they make it to the Breaking News with a fleet of cops chasing them in cars and choppers is one hell of a joy ride for the audience. Its one of those crazy movies that you see on a lighter day and laugh out loud – a damn good time pass. It has everything in it for everyone, good music, hot chicks, drugs, sex, tragedy, comedy etc.

The Host's
The Movie: In Pasadena, Costa and JB plan to throw a party for their friend Thomas’s 17th Birthday at his house. As that happens to be his own parents Anniversary weekend – they too go out for the weekend leaving him alone in the house with strict instructions to have a party with only 30 odd people, to not to touch the pool or his dad’s Mercedes. He is although given the keys of his mom’s mini van to drive around if he needs to. They are a bunch of losers who are almost invisible to the rest of the school hence they need to make it big by throwing a fantastic party so they become popular in school. They hire Dax – another student to film the whole birthday party. The whole movie has that hand held camera shot feel to it because one of them is shown as shooting it throughout the night. All of them visit a drug peddler to buy some drugs and end up stealing one his lawn gnome which they plan to use a party mascot. The whole scene of them buying drugs, stealing the statue and being chased by the drug dealer is one outstanding shot of the movie with hilarious stuff. The word of mouth and texts go faster than they think, within no time almost whole of the school is invited whereas no one has any idea who this guy Thomas is? Who is throwing a party? He even ends up inviting one of the hottest chicks of the school with his boyfriend who has a crush on Thomas. They even hire two cute little security guards to take care of the house as they plan to do the party on the backyard.

Alexis Knapp
The Party: Because of the mass invitation and his friends putting the ad on Craiglist and a local ration station – the public goes out of control. It hilarious to see what it turns out to be from what they expected. Even the audience gets a shock of their lives by seeing that kind of a crowd present in the loser’s party. As the party goes on – they end up breaking the drug dealer’s gnome and realize it was full of ecstasy tablets which are subsequently consumed by them and it turns out to be a hell of a situation with whole crowd on a high. What all stunts they do is mind-blowing to see. The way his whole house is ripped including the pool and topless babes swimming and running all over is totally awesome. With neighbors fuming and calling cops the situation goes out of hands. What happens to his Dad’s car is something you’ve got to see in the movie and how they are first warned by the cops but later it turns out to be other way round as the mob bullies the cops and fights back. We were totally in splits with the stunts that they all do in the party and with so many shockingly comical scenes. They even make his mother’s dog fly by tying so many balloons on his body. They put up a board at the pool saying “Only Nude Girls” and the response was hilarious. Teat a teat with their neighbor who they try to invite to the party too to save the hassle goes wrong. The scene where they negotiate with cops and whole crowd hides in the backyard and maintain pin drop silence is totally awesome.

Kirby Bliss Blanton
I loved its comic timing with so many funny guys and situations thrown in. there is this dwarf who some of the guys put him in a microwave and how he takes revenge on the hosts is one of the best hilarious stuff. The final half hour of the movie with the mob and cop action followed by drug dealer’s revenge on the guys is totally freaking stuff. I mean, I never expected that kind of action – it was totally out n out comic action. Hilarious stuff and so many “Oh My Fucking God” situations. The final out come of the movie is too good with Thomas being confronted by his father – what happens in the school next day is rocking stuff. I would say this was a damn good time pass movie and should be seen by all for plain and simple fun.

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