Saturday, October 06, 2012

Rock of Ages (2012) - Musical

The last musical that I saw was “Mamma Mia” with one of my favorite bands ABBA written all over it and to this day I cannot forget what an experience it was to watch my favorite stars singing all time favorite songs – the songs we’ve grown listening to. This one unfortunately I missed watching it on Big Screen and today regretted it big time after watching it twice today that too back to back at home. Then I realized – it was a box office dud with $75 Million budget and it end up making only $50 Million. There is another reason to it – as per me – you will love it only if you were born in 70s – the earlier the better. I totally loved the songs – some are as good as you will just stand up and kick some air for sure. If you love Rock – Do not miss this anymore. Totally rocking music (that’s subjective) and some damn good rocking performances by one of my all time favorite Tom Cruise as a reclusive rocker Stacee Jaxx, awesome Paul Giamati as his manipulative and cunning Manager, Hottie Malin Akerman as Rolling Stone reporter, my favorite Alec Baldwin as the owner of the club where whole of the movie takes place, Russel Brand as club’s Manager, Katherine Zita Jones as Mayor’s wife who wants to close down the club and the fantastic lead pair of Hottie Julianne Hough and Diego Boneta as the lead couple – it’s a totally rocking cast of beautiful people singing awesome songs at the drop of a hat. My wifey was like “they don’t talk much but keep singing”. I have already downloaded its soundtrack and loving it – check it out – if you love Musicals – this one is one of its own kinds – if you like Rock – This Is It!

Katherine Zita Jones
The Movie: Based in the late 80’s – it starts with Sherrie’s (Julianne Hough) arrival to LA from a small city of Oklahoma, instantly on landing she gets robbed of her records and stuff and Drew (Diego Boneta) comes to her rescue – they hit it off pretty well right from the very start. He gets her enrolled as a waitress in the club he works for “The Bourbon Room” owned by dashing Dennis (Alec Baldwin) and managed by Lonny (Russel Brand) in a damn good comical role. All their feelings and discussions are in songs – one better than another types and you get to know of their characters – it’s too good to hear all those songs from your old collection – one after another. The good part is – they all fit in so damn well that you just keep smiling and moving your feet with the beats. Story takes a turn as Stacee Jaxx (Tom Cruise) comes to give one final performance at their club with his band “Arsenal” before resigning from the same. The club is in big debts and they need this show to be a grand success to pay off the debts they were facing. The mayor’s hot wife Patricia (Katherine Zita Jones) and her followers are already protesting against the night club and plan to shut it down to save the city from Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll. The number performed by her is too good.

Malin Ackerman
The cute lead couple Drew and Sherrie is already fallen in love as the movie progresses – they confess as Stacee’s performance gets cancelled and Sherrie convinces the manager to let Drew perform instead with his gang on stage for the first time. Another fantastic scene is going on in the meantime as Paul Giamati (Stacee’s Manager) arranges for his interview with Rolling Stone’s hot Interviewer (Malin Ackerman) – they end up singing a couple of songs and right when they are about to have sex – Malin realizes she is doing a mistake and walks out on him. But right at that time Sherrie passes through Stacee and Drew thinks that they did had sex – their relationship breaks up and in anger he ends up performing damn well on the stage. While his girl friend quits her job and joins a strip down the road in anger. It has so much happening all the time with so many songs being performed that you do lose sense of time and track of story and realize that there isn’t much of the story anyways. I guess that’s the reason why this movie didn’t appeal to a log of people and lead to its box office failure – may be. What I loved is the situation and perfect use of awesome songs – these songs speak so much of the situations and I am sure the Director did quite a good research while collecting them all and sewn them together in such a fantastic way. Like when Katherine Zita Jones is protesting against the club the song in the background plays “Hit me with your best shot” and as Tom Cruise and Malin Ackerman are about to make love the song being played was “I want to know what love is” – its so damn apt for the situation. The pace is so fast that everything goes off in no time and then again falls back in place as nothing happened in between – I guess that’s what the turn off was for public that they couldn’t connect with the whole thing neither with the characters. Fortunately for me the high point of the movie was its soundtrack and songs – that worked big time. I already saw twice and will definitely see it a couple of more times in the very near future.

Julianne Hough and Diego Boneta
Rest of the movie covers how everything stats falling in place and lovers join each other – after certain time it becomes too predictable and you exactly know where it is going – still the premise is too good and you actually don’t mind that. I wonder Stacee goes solo at the club after breaking up with his band as the club too tries to call off “Rock n Roll” and move to Pop with no success – they do go back to “Rock n Roll” and prove that Rock N Roll will never die as mentioned and believed otherwise earlier. I didn’t mid the hurried ending as I had a great connect with the cast and music. I am sure a lot of music lovers didn’t mind the falling back thing and loved it the way we did. Who doesn’t likes the happy endings after all. 

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