Monday, October 08, 2012

The Possession (2012) - Horror

I am one of those guys who need to gather all his guts to watch a Horror movie alone and usually I do it in broad day light – at best – I close the curtains just to give it a little real feel. As this was another based on a true story horror – how I could miss it. Unfortunately I will call it – at best – a good thriller nothing more than that. It did give me some shocks and scared me little bit towards the ending and final fight with the evil spirit etc but otherwise for a hardcore Horror Buff – it will be a big disappointment. And for someone who has seen and loved Exorcist – this will be a walk in the park and will make you laugh at times. Totally predictable stuff – right from the very start you know where it is going still the question remains “how” hence I had to see it. With Jeffrey Dean Morgan in lead who I always confuse with Javier Bardem and Natasha Calis as Emily his possessed daughter – I seriously couldn't skip it. If you like thrillers – do not miss this as it works like a good thriller for sure.

Natasha Calis "Possessed"
The Movie: I don’t know why but most of the horror movies start with almost the same premise – a broken family in trouble which is bound to fall back in place by the time it all ends. Here too the man in lead – Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a freshly divorced guy with two daughters moving to their new house which is in middle of nowhere. As fate had it – they stop for a sale and his daughter Emily picks up a weird looking box, which she isn’t able to open anyways. This was the same box which we see at the very start of the movie in the introduction as a old lady tries destroying it and some kind of power ends up killing her in a brutal way while his son keeps knocking on the door. The trouble starts with the arrival of the box – as soon as she comes home with it – the neighboring house’s old lady who is heavily bandaged – reacts big time looking at the box and the nurse shuts the curtains giving you a tarrying feeling as something is wrong with the box. How she opens the box and what all is inside – is something you’ve got to see on screen, its totally spooky stuff and I was already getting Goosebumps by thinking what is in store ahead for me in it. Life changes upside down as Emily gets possessed by something weird which the audience couldn’t see but the way her behavior changes is totally awesome. The way she eats a lot of stuff and still feels hungry – is spooky as you know something is inside her body – with weird moments of that inside creature on her face and body was something giving me chills – big time with solid background score thrown in to scare you even better.

Natasha Calis
One thing which bothers and makes me smile all the time while watching a horror movie is – why don’t they turn on the lights? Even this one is too dark and that works big time in its favor to make a perfect horror cum thriller. Those stabbing, checking herself out on the mirror and with a torch scenes are the ones that made me jump on my seat while watching them. One moment you see a different Emily and the second you have that innocent little girl who has no clue what happened to her previously. Next when Jeffrey finds out about the box and tries to dispose it off without telling Emily where he does that. It’s a fantastic scene leading the movie to oncoming superb climax. Where Jeffrey finally seeks help and tries to settle it all. There are so many scenes one after another that it totally keeps you hooked to the movie to the very end. Like the one with their room full of moths and Emily reaction as what happened? Where are they moving now? Jeffrey’s wife reaction when she is told that he hit her whereas he didn’t – as it look like that. Jeffrey in trouble asking help of a fellow professor – who himself was surprised to see him. A scene where Emily’s step father almost finds out what’s wrong with her but misses the action with a fraction of a second, what happens next is totally rocking stuff. Emily in the MRI room and the image that we see on the computer is another fantastic scene of the movie – with those flickering lights adding to the horror. The best part of the movie is its ending – the totally last half an hour is superb action and chilling at its best. As I said earlier – it’s a must watch for all thriller cum horror fans – it doesn’t works like a superb Horror for sure but nevertheless works like at least a damn good thriller.

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