Friday, May 18, 2012

Battleship (2012) - Action

Another hollywood science fiction with slam bang thank you mam action. This was another mindless action movie in the name of science fiction that you just see for the awesome action sequences and forget about it in no time. Its just been a month and no one is talking about it anymore, that's exactly what I mean. Unfortunately due to time constraints I couldn't check it out while it was in theaters but I'm now glad that I skipped it. Its just about an average one time watch and leaves so many questions unanswered that its now pointless to debate. Go ahead - if you have nothing better to do, pick up a couple of beers and you might enjoy the whole drama.

As usual NASA is looking for a planet with life. They shoot a signal for the same boosted by a satellite. Aliens read the signal and come visit us. As it always happens they land in US of A only. One of their ships crashes with American satellite and crash lands in HongKong for a change. The building crashing shot and ships landing sequence is mindblowing. Totally rocking shot with earth shattering background score. That's the only best thing about the movie - they have shot the action sequences quite well.

Aliens obviously want to kill all the humans and take over the planet. They do look like their cousin's Predators that we met earlier but this time they are a little allergic to sun :). You see, we humans realize anyone's weakness in no time. How the US naval officers fight the aliens with the help of their Japanese counterparts is all the movie is all about. There is another sub plot going on too - about a naval officer and his girl friend (Beautiful Brooklyn Decker) whose primary job is to look gorjus in hot pants and do nothing. She is the daughter of an Admiral (Liam Neeson in a thankless role) he reports too and its funny how he keeps practicing how to ask her hand for marriage from her dad.

Action sequences are shot in a damn good way and totally impressive. Like the first up close and personal shot when Rihanna and Taylor go on board the landed ship and it starts shooting their main ship is simply awesome. I wonder why have they taken Rihanna as the only female navy officer onboard. She is at her fugliest best, although she looks good in her 3 minute music videos but in a full length movie - she is beyond me. But she does have an average screen presence. Funny looking aliens come out of the ship and yeah! They do have some good hand to hand combat scenes too when the humans get thrown, left, right and center. Americans Joining hands with Japanese to defeat the enemies is really good - may be a first in movies :). Their strategy against Aliens and finally fight and outcome is simply stunning.

I wonder how come NASA, White House, Air Force and Pentagon had almost no say in the whole act and its Navy only who takes care of the whole operation single handed with some final moment support with Air Force. Another thing which made me wonder was the taking over of 70 year old war memorial ship in the hour of need by Navy. In no time they get it ready and up and running too with the help of a handful of army navy retirees who take care of it. It even had missiles, bombs and working guns on board too - wow. Simply outstanding. But I guess its all ok being part of an action movie. Given they do win the war in the end - who cares. The high point of the movie is its ending with Aerosmith rocking song in the background and all the guns blaring on Aliens. Do check it once - you may end up liking. Who knows :)

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