Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Jannat 2 (2012) - Hindi Movie

There are two types of movies: First are the ones - you see them, love them, enjoy, cherish, laugh with them and cry with them. Second are those - you see them, laugh on them, trash them, swore on them and then shred them in your reviews. And then comes the Third types - with Imran Hashmi in them - which you just see and see and gasp "what the heck I just saw" and you move on to better things in life.

Jannat 2 is one of those movies where every character is given freedom by Bhatt brothers - do what you feel like doing, say whatever comes to your mind, run anywhere on any road and we will make it look like a chase. Do not forget to use the cuss words at least a good 80-90 times so the crowd will cheer and feel at home. Couple of idiotic songs with insane lyrics. No one needs to shave. We will make a gorgeous female look yuck. A couple of kissing and love making scenes and Bang!! We will do 50 crore business in no time and then we have satellite rights and music to be sold too.

I am indeed surprise to see the outcome of this movie on the box office but I should not be as there so many other than me who indeed loved it. Its an insane story of a rookie gun seller who buys them from an unknown source and sells them to every tom dick and harry on the road. He commands a damn good knowledge of guns, he can actually read the resume of a gun to you right as you point one at him. Then there is this maverick cop Randeep Hooda, who is behind illegal gun sellers and dealers cause his wife died in a freak shooting incident and guess what - he too was shot in head and the bullet is still stuck in there, that's why he can't sleep and works 24/7 to catch the culprits.

What happens next - you can take a wild guess. Imraan Hashmi falls in love at first sight with a doctor and its laughable to see her too fall in for him - bravo. You've got to see it to believe it. She falls for him cause he gets money to fund her charitable hospital which is on the verge of getting bankrupt :). Where he gets the money is not her concern - Bingo. What an idea. Cat and mouse game betweek cop and Imraan is what the movie is all about. With some yawning chase sequences and drama thrown in between. Another stupid looking Don which doesn't scare you one bit and a top cop who is corrupt. Couple of songs and you have a movie of about more then 2 hrs ready.

Everybody is sleep walking in their respective roles. Am shocked to see Randeep Hooda giving it his best. He is the only one who keeps you entertained. The chick who is actually damn beautiful looks yuck in here and every time she tries to act - it makes you laugh. Less said the better about the support cast and friends wasted in thankless roles. Imran Hashmi walks out of this movies set straight to "Shanghai" which is his next movie. As in trailers he looks exactly how he looks here in this one.

A total waste of time and money.
At best it can be called a drama.
No way an action thriller as they claim it to be.
Ignore it like a plague. 

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