Thursday, May 17, 2012

Orphan (2009) - Thriller

When it comes to Thrillers - I am always game. And when you have a thriller with a kid gone berserk - its even better. With two of my favorite characters thrown in - Gorjus Vera Farmiga and Sensual Peter Sarsgaard - No one could stop me from watching this one. ALthough I am little nervous watching a pshychological thriller alone - so I try and watch it in broad day light with curtains close - almost :). What a fantastic movie. One thing I loved about this one is its slow pace and thats why you get deeply involved. It keeps you waiting for something to happen eagerly and when that happens - you are almost shocked and surprised. It almost has no background score for quite some length and when suddenly music comes on - its scary and thrilling both. To hear the dialogues I kept the volume almost at 60/100 and bang - when you have that car almost crashing scene - it was chilling. Its a must watch for all thriller lovers - although a little more then 2 hours is a little long for a thriller but cannot be missed.

The best part about thrillers is - they will have enough scenes with damn good music to chill and thrill you - throughout. This one is no exception. The director lets you guess the next scene and did not let it happen - it happens when you least expect and you are left with a big shock. I so love that. Its story of a young couple, who lose their third child in delivery complications and opt for adoption of a girl. They have no idea from where this girl came and whats her background. They just adopt her as both fall in love with her at the first sight and her good nature convinces them that she will be a perfect companion for their young kids - a boy and a deaf and mute girl. Plus she is a damn good painter too. Right when you think everything is going good, comes the shocker. As you realize with time that something is wrong with the girl. By that time its too late.

The way she handles everybody from her bullying classmates to her brother and little mute sister back home is simply awesome. Almost everybody is at a threat from her. Its totally awesome to watch her thrashing them all and taking her own revenge. The way she starts hitting back and taking revenge with her own ideas. I wont write much in here cause if I do - you are not going to like the movie - I will highly recommend it for all thriller lovers. It has almost no gory moments but lots of chilling, thrilling and killing too ;). Go ahead take a peek and I am sure you will love it. The little psychological games she keeps playing with the whole family is totally awesome. She keeps everybody confusing. Although her brother and younger sister know exactly what she is doing, but they are helpless as they think their parents are never going to belive what she is doing.

One more thing which deserves a mention and why you are so much involved with this one is the way director has handled its characters. You absolutely know what is happening and the confusion between husband and wife. When one starts distrusting the other one and starts taking daughters side - she too takes proper advantage of it. There were moments when I actually wanted to get up and tell Peter to not to trust that girl. It was so funny that my heart went out for him cause I knew he is going to pay for it - yet I couldnt help. Its totally chilling to see what happens next and you feel so sad for them but are totally hooked till the end as you have a hope that everything will fall in right place - will it? You gotta watch out for it. The suspense and the outcome is too good - I was totally bowled over it.

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