Thursday, May 31, 2012

3 Iron (2004) - Korean Movie

What a beautiful movie. Kudos to the writer for his unbelievable yet convincing imagination and cheers to the director who shot it in such a way that you just can't help but fall in love with the characters. Imagine all this when there are hardly 10 dialogues in the whole movie with almost no background score barring a few songs which keep playing here and there. The flow of the movie is so nice that you just keep following it as its a little unique and never seen earlier stuff. Imagine a drifter who rides a damn neat BMW bike, goes from door to door hanging take away menu of a restaurant, later comes back in the night and breaks the lock of the house where the menu is still hanging, assuming no one stays there. He will stay in the house as long as he can, cleaning, washing, cooking even repairing the non working items like kids toys, wall clocks, weighing machines, music systems etc. But how long he can keep hopping houses before getting into trouble? He does gets into a mess and comes out of it too. Ending is too good too. Do not miss it - if you like movies with a different story and non cliche ending. I'm sure you will love it too and will not forget for quite a long time.

The very first scene of the movie you have the dude riding his bike and putting those menu's on the doors of a posh neighbourhood at that point I was asking myself - how in the hell he rides a BMW yet he has no home to live in? and with him repairing those complicated things in the movie - its sure that he is highly educated cause how in the world you end up repairing a music system, a wall clock and a weighing machine with your left hand? but its a movie after all so all that can still be accepted isnt it? Beautiful is the way he leads his Nomadic life from one home to another - he wont steal anything or damage anythign rather he will repair the non working items, wash cloths, make his own food, enjoy life, watch TV till the owners arrive and leave silently without their knowledge.

The first house that he lives in - he repairs a toy gun and blows some balloons too with it, later in the movie we see the couple returning from the vacation, are in a furious mood, they argue while the kid picks up the gun and points it at his dad - who in turn yells at him, then he points it at her mom and she says "Yeah, c'mon shoot me, make my day" and Bang! Although its not shown but I am sure she must be pissed big time since the gun was working now. Second house he visits belongs to a Rich guy who has turned his lawn into a little golf practice ground with nets and aiming target too in place. While enjoying his stay in the Rich Man's house unfortunately he doesnt realize that he is being watched by the beaten and abused wife of the rich guy, later in the night when he comes face to face with her - he fleds in the first place but returns realizing her sad condition and shockingly she too joins him as she had seen him take care of the house with passion and playing Golf too, watching TV etc. He gets into a fight with her husband too and beats him up with his own golf balls, takes 4 shots at him from point blank range and they leave him writhing in pain. Their next target is a Boxer's house as you can tell by the photographs on the wall - they have a good time at his place - they get drunk and in the dead of the night the couple returns and the dude gets beaten black and blue :) by the professional Boxer.

Finally, they land in trouble when they visit another house and find the owner dead, lying in a pool of blood, instead of going away - on girls insistence he gives this old man a proper burial. They bury the old man and keep continue to stay at his place and as Old man's son returns with his wife and thinks that they killed his dad. Calls the cops and they both get arrested. While cops interrogate them - they surprisingly tell them nothing. Girls husband comes and takes her away and bribes the cops to keep the guy in prison for as long as they can, taking a revenge on him from their last fight. Even in lock up he shows his creativity with his hiding techniques, keeps bothering the cops all the time with the game he plays with them. He will hide in the small cell in such a way that they wont be able to find him. He develops his own way of walking behind the cops and not letting himself come in their eye sight. Finally, because none of the charges can be proven against him as he stole nothing, gave the dead man a proper burial, Even the Autopsy report reveals that he was dead long before the guy arrived at his place. He was let go by the cops but not before the girl's husband takes his own revenge by hitting him from point blank distance by his golf balls - he too takes 4 shots at him back to back.

The ending is just simply superb. I was thinking that he will be killed behind the bars but no ways! the Director had to let him and live and happily ever after :) - how? You better watch it - I am telling you. Go ahead! Take a look - you are going to love it. We saw it twice already and its hard to get off my head.

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