Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Tezz (2012): Hindi Movie.

A fantastic comedy and another movie which expects you to keep your brains behind while going to watch it. I can guarantee - you will laugh on everything right from the word "Go". I mean everything is hilarious. I loved Anil Kapoor's best lines "Its my duty" he says that with full emotions at least 3 times. The action scenes and CGI is a lousy attempt and I can definitely write a trilogy of books on them. The best is "Monkey Jump", you see Zayed doing a "Jason Statham" on foot and will give some competition to monkeys. I mean in todays age and time in India - thats the best they can serve us?? Then you have Mohanlal in a thankless role - his monkey jump to save his own life in the last shot had me in splits. I really wonder how he managed that with his body weight. Its a must watch if you love laughing and having good time with friends. I really wonder how they presented the script and idea to Devgan so he agreed to do it.

Priydarshan should stick to do what he does best. Make movies down south or do strictly comedies. Action and serious stuff is not his forte - he should stay away from it. I mean look at the whole idea of this movie. Based on a non immigrants life in UK, who is deported to India since he was working illegally. Although he marries a Citizen but guess what? In a hindu temple and they I think forgot to register it. Laugh Laugh. He is deported and his wifey who loves him so much stays back :). Guess she was waiting for him to get a legal visa and come back. He comes back, but not to meet her in 4 years but to take revenge with the govt and two of his friends help him with all they can to put a bomb on a train and blow it - if they don't get 10 million euros. Awesome idea. Isn't it? What pursues is a hilarious cat and mouse game between cops and these idiots. Ending with a double idiotic ending.

There are so many movies these days which are made with no head and tail. No one bothers about a script. Its actually shot in episodes and edited together to make a movie. Like this one. Three tacky action chase sequences. One item number. One love song. One sad song. A great cop working one extra day after his retirement. A great dedicated railway service manager. Another great cop in a cameo. Shot them all separately and sewn them together haphazardly to make a movie hence the outcome - A Complete DISASTER. 

What a royal waste of time, money and talent. Barring Ajay, Boman and Anil - no one leaves no impression on you. And they all look helpless. Even if you watch it without thinking anything - by the end you realize "what the hell just happened". But it does make you laugh your ass off - big time. I mean take that scene with Ajay meets Sameera first time after he returns to take revenge, she gives him half a dozen phones. Make one call and toss it to the bin :). That white water raft chase scene by Ms Sameera Reddy followed by her dirt bike chase - I guess she must be dreaming of replacing Angelina Jolie in next action movie. Zayed Khan doing a "Jason Statham" on foot chase. His monkey jumps will have you in splits. Bag full of C4 bombs is such a comic sight. They buy it as if they are buying chocolates. I mean he is deported and comes back in 4 years with so much money to buy two bag fulls of C4 :). Wow. Why do you need to settle in UK if you can make that kind of money in India that too in just 4 years.

Another best scene of movie is - when Good Cop Anil realizes that a bag full of C4 is about to blow in 3 seconds - he simply jumps out of the window and saves himself - Bravo!! What a great cop and what an idea. All this while Ajay and his friends were shooting people and bombing trains etc still his wife doesn't know one thing and she is like "he is here to meet us" ROFL. Its a total laugh riot.

Not to be missed - if you like serious comedies.

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