Thursday, May 24, 2012

Eraserhead (1977) - Horror / Thriller

I have never done drugs like Heroine, Cocaine, Smack or anything but now I seriously know how you feel when you get stoned. After watching this debut movie of David Lynch - it exactly leaves me with the same effect as those drugs will, after a good dose. What you see on screen for about good 90 minutes - leaves you numb by the end and you realize that David Lynch had finally arrived and is going to stay. Now I know why he himself was called a "Genre" in film making.

Hats off to his imagination and capturing it this way. It isn't a horror movie anymore at best a damn good thriller but trust me - it ain't for the weak hearted - don't even try. It has almost no horror moments neither too much of blood or gory either but what you see is - sample this - an extreme close up of a cooked chicken on plate about to be eaten and it starts bleeding with a terrific background score. Some scenes that I will never forget ever: A room heater which makes up for quite a viewing with its shrill noise which keeps going up and down, it gets scary, expressions on protagonists face are priceless, location of the whole movie is mind blowing. Another shot of a premature baby which looks like a cross between some animal and an alien. Dark alleys, Terrific background score and shocking moments leave you stunned. And you imagine - if this is the debut - how would be the upcoming one's ;). Do not miss this - if you love this genre - totally awesome.

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