Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Vicky Donor (2012) - Hindi Movie

I am quite late in watching this one but I guess better late than never. And am I glad I saw it?? Its an excellent subjective movie with so much fun. Specially for those who have any connection with Delhi or North India. Rocking fun. Its based on the concept of Sperm Donation and Infertility. A hilarious take on the life of its protagonist Vicky played by Ayushman Khurana of MTV Roadies fame, who becomes a sperm donor, he was rather forced and convinced into it by a doctor aptly played awesomely by Anu Kapoor. Its a must watch for all drama come comedy lovers. It gives a very important message on the current world scenario and in a very light manner.

Vicky Arora is a happy go lucky guy. Does nothing and is always cursed for the same by his single mother but always appreciated by his granny. Its damn funny to see his mom and granny fight in the morning about everything but chill in the night over drinks :). The daily Delhi life caught in camera made me nostalgic, I could almost tell about all the spots they shot it in - I miss my Delhi days big time. One fine day Doctor Chadha finds Vicky Arora and after a brief background checks he comes to know and convinces him that he belongs to the great Aryan Race :). And then starts their association. He donates his sperm and they make fundoo money by making infertile couples happy.

Vicky meets love of his life in a Bank while opening an account for his mother's beauty parlor. He tries very hard to win the Bengali Beauty and she too finally gives up and soon after lot of hassle bustle between their families, their marriage takes place. Even the marriage ceremony is a laugh riot with various Punjabi and Bengali traditions. Soon after marriage due to medical complications they realize she can never get pregnant. Vicky realizes life has played a joke on him as he is helping people have babies and he himself can't have his own. This breaks them emotionally and when his wife comes to know of his real job - she walks out on him. Lot of drama takes place in between and how he wins her back is the rest of the movie.

Its a little two hours or more but a total fun watch. With a nice message throughout and a great happy ending. A must watch for all as everybody has so much to take home from this. And that's the reason it did wonderful business on box office and was a super hit. Casting is too good. Ayushman as Vicky is perfect and he plays his part quite naturally. The new girl as his girl friend and wife does her part perfectly and is too good in emotional scenes. Both sides parents are a treat to watch but the cake goes to Anu Kapoor who plays Dr Chadha's role in a hilarious manner and is totally lovable. His antics you will remember for quite some time.

Do not miss it at any cost.

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