Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ishaqzaade (2012) - Hindi Movie

I simply love those movies which are unpredictable and you are actually shocked to see what happens next. These movies are a must watch on the first week of their release itself - if you really want to enjoy them. Otherwise a whole lot of people like me will give away its unique and surprising things and then you end up giving them below average ratings as nothing shocks you, as it becomes "Yaa, I know, My friend already told me that". Go ahead take a look as you know it is from the same guy who gave us "Do Dooni Chaar" and Wrote "Band Baaja Baarat". Both were damn good movies - totally entertaining. Do not miss it at any cost.

Story is based supposedly in a small town of UP. What you see is actually true account and happens in so many small towns of India, even today. I could actually see the glimpses of our own college days and that's exactly how we wud celebrate a friends marriage, by gun shots in open air. Those bike chases and violence on road is quite entertaining and looks life like. There are so many instances in the movie where you simply gasp and say "Oh Shit". The differences between both the families and their falling in love with each other will remind you of 80's movies. Where the hero will sit on a bench in front of his heroines house for hours. Come rain, come sun shine, he won't move an inch and finally the girl will fall in love too. But everything isn't that hunky dory in the end as there has to be a twist in the tale.

My hardcore movie critic wife surprisingly got the twist before even it happened and I was shocked as she gave me the points too that made her predict and bang!! She was right. I couldn't guess it hence I was in for the shock and then I was swept in their unique love story with a mind blowing twist in the mid and a heart touching ending. You do come out of the auditorium smiling as if you did win the war in the end. There are so many small small things which make you smile. That's typical Habib Faisal stuff and music is equally great. The moment you hear the tune - it reminds you of Dev D and you know its Amit Trivedi in music department. But the songs are really nice and I'm going to humm them for quite a while.

The locations and cinematography is excellent. I totally loved the camera movements. Following a character, moving ahead, coming back, going up and capturing the mood is just excellent. He keeps you involved in the movie. Writing is another good part as so many dialogues make you cheer, laugh, clap and hoot too. No out of the world or cliché lines but the real-time lines as we speak everyday. Its a totally nice movie to watch. Reminded me of my own college days and made me feel good. I'm convinced with the ending too and there cudnt be a better ending than how it ends.

Arjun Kapoor cudnt have asked for a better debut and Parineeta Chopra is damn good. As much I hate her cousin Priyanka who is becoming worse in looks by the day cause of all those lip jobs, nose jobs and what not. Parineeta is simply beautiful and I don't think they require much make up to make her look more beautiful. She is good in expressions and acting, definitely going to go a long way. The support cast is excellent, specially the two dads and Arjun's friends. One of whom we saw sometime back in "Sadda Adda".

Its a must one time watch. You will surely enjoy it.

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