Thursday, May 17, 2012

21 Jump Street (2012) - Action Comedy

What a big let down this was in the name of comedy and action that I expected from its awesome trailers. When you have two of the best guys - Channing Tatum and Johan Hill - who have given us so many good movies in the past - Unfortunately they were even executive producers in this one. Jonah hill contributed to Story department too. Still it was such a lacklustre treatment - if you ask me. I kept hoping for something good to happen and the funny moments are far and few between the lousy screenplay. Both of the boys look so disinterested in doing what they were doing on screen. It definitely did not work for me big time. May be I had big expectations from them but when I check the Box Office figures - I am surprised to see - it indeed did a good business.

Its too long - too slow - almost nothing happens - no hot chicks - all the action they show was in the trailer only and the same you see in the end credits - I tell you the end credits are way too good than the whole movie. Even a Cameo by Johny Depp cudnt save it for me. The less said the better about Ice Cube being in the movie. Give it a miss if you like action comedies - this aint any good. But if you already saw - let me know how you like it. Also, It is a surprise hit of the year so far, so you may end up liking it.

Story revolves around two losers in school - one is good in studies and can do nothing better than that. Another one is good in sports but thats all he can do. They both end up in police academy and become buddies. They were different in school like chalk and cheese, never liked each other but here they need each others support. Its hilarious to see them helping each other - Jonah helps him with his grades and studies whereas channing helps him with training activities and finally they both come out winners. Unfortunately for their looks they get posted to their own neighbourhood as undercover cops and the best is their boss, who happens to be a damn good cop - Ice Cube. What happens next is pretty straight and predictable. It does brings smile to your face and makes you happy but you never actually laugh out loud as you expect in any of the action comedies. Their onscreen histrionics are all "been there done that stuff" Unfortunately the chicks that they picked up are neither cute nor hot - that was a big turn off for me. As in this kindda movie you expect those things - Ice Cube being a big bad ass black cop should have been accompanied by some goodlooking black ladies but alas!! he had none.

There are some funny moments - like the one where they clone one of the students phone on which they have a doubt. The whole party setup. Their target is to uncover the gang operating in school selling drugs. They need to remain undercover too hence they do get involved in school activities too but that wasnt funny at all. Jonah Hill taking part in the drama in school was not so funny for me. Although the show in the end was hilarious but by that time I had already lost interest in the same and was just waiting for the end to arrive and uncover the secret - that too wasnt a big shocker as it was pretty lame and predictable. It can at best be an average friday night movie with friends on board while you are couple of beers down. It wasnt to my taste hence I will say thumbs down - Ignore it.

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